Bonus 700 Soles in Peru: Check New List of Beneficiaries, Link to Collect Today | Artisan Fisherman Bonus

Check if you will get this cash assistance paid by the Peruvian government and what Requirements you must meet to collect it.

Find out here how to collect the 700 Soul Bonus in Peru today. | Photo: Libero Mix

Peru is experiencing the first consequences of this El Nino phenomenon And one of the most affected sectors is the fisheries sector. In this sense, the government of Dina Boluarte ordered the provision of a corresponding economic subsidy 700 soles, but what requirements must be met and who can access it? In this note we tell you.

Production Minister Ana Maria Chohuanca announced this Preparation of new list of beneficiaries Made by fishermen who don't get it Peru 2024 bonusBut they met the requirements.

The product releases a list of new beneficiaries of the 700 Souls bonus

The Minister of Production, Ana Maria Chochuanga, announced that her ministry would produce Updated list This includes artisans who, despite meeting the requirements, were not included in the first list of beneficiaries to receive the 700 soul bonus.

“Regional production directorates (Direpro), suddenly sent wrong name or document. So observations are being made and we are going to prepare final list to correct those errors”The Minister said during the 'United Before the Fen' series.

“So, we will issue a resolution which will take some time, but all formal and informal fishermen have the right. The bonus is for everyone, that is what is required and that is what we are going to do.”He finished.

If you are Artisan fisherman To get the 700 soles bonus you want to verify your addition to the user registry, follow these steps:

  • Go to Ministry of Production website or click It is attached.
  • Enter your National Identity Document (DNI) number and tick the 'Advice' option.
  • Next, a box will appear on the screen telling you whether you have registered with the user registry or not.
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Make your inquiry on the website and find out if you are a beneficiary of Artisanal Fisherman Bonus.

What are the requirements to collect the new Peru 2024 bonus today?

The National Fisheries Development Fund (Fondepes) is responsible for facilitating this facility. Subsidy of S/700 to artisans. To access this new Peru 2024 bonus, beneficiaries must meet the following requirements:

  • Be formally engaged in artisanal fishing activity in accordance with the provisions of the General Fisheries Act; Supreme Order No. Approved by 012-2001-PE.
  • Appear in the Register of Beneficiaries of Artisanal Fishermen, as per Ministerial Resolution no. 00424-2023-approved by production.
  • Do not be beneficiaries of other social schemes.

How long can the 700 soles bonus be collected?

Artisanal fishermen beneficiaries of this new Peru 2024 bonus have a collection deadline at a later date Wednesday, February 28, 2024. This procedure can be carried out at Banco de la NaciĆ³n counters without generating additional costs, as long as they provide a valid DNI.

What are the communication channels of the product?

To make some Inquiry about the 700 soles bonus For the artisans, the Ministry of Manufacturing has provided the following means of communication:

  • Website:
  • Numbers: (01) 209 7700, extension 7440.
  • Share: 941 829 651, 8.30 am to 5.30 pm

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