INPE warns that Peru will extradite Ecuadorian prisoners if Daniel Noboa makes the same move: “It will be reciprocal”

President of the National Penal Institute (INPE). Javier LockeEcuador warned this Thursday that if the measure announced by the president of Ecuador goes into effect, Peru will deport the prisoners. Daniel NobowaTo reduce prison overcrowding amid unprecedented waves of violence the neighboring country is experiencing.

In a broadcast interview RPP, There are currently 4,500 foreign prisoners in Peruvian prisons, the majority (3,300) are Venezuelans, the official explained. “Ecuadorians have 162 people in various prisons across the country,” at least fifteen of them—he noted. 'The Dicrones'A criminal gang attacked the Ecuadorian channel TC Televisión live.

Dedicated to drug trafficking, extortion, hitmen and arms smuggling, this organization was born from 'Los Soneros', a drug trafficking group turned into a powerful prison gang led by the murdered Jorge Luis Zambrano, alias 'Rasquina'. A prison business in Manta on December 28, 2020.

“We have identified them […] In control and determined for who they are. Ecuador's president has indicated he will deport or deport 1,500 foreigners, but [esa cifra] Includes Venezuelans and Colombians. “There are only a hundred Peruvians in Ecuadorian prisons,” he said. call.

“If the authorities decide to send them back by agreement, we have 162 convicts, so it will be a mutual issue. It will not create concerns about overcrowding. [carcelario], on one occasion,” he noted. President In Boluarte For his part, he has declared that the extradition of Peruvian prisoners must follow “proper procedure” so that the country's security is not at risk.

“If that's the case, they will obviously go to jail,” the president said of his opponent's announcement, reached by phone a day after he declared internal armed conflicts in the region. After a state of emergency was officially declared in the border areas, Boluarte said the borders are being “guarded” with the support of the Armed Forces and the National Police (PNP).

Nobo's plan has drawn rejection from the new president of the National Assembly of Peru's Regional Governments (ANGR), Werner Salcedo, and governors Luis Neira (Piura) and Sigismondo Cruz (Tampes). with the Ecuadorian leader to stop this action.

“I think of it immediately [Boluarte] Communicate with the President [Noboa] So this will not happen because it will put us at a disadvantage in terms of crime. This is in conjunction with an existing topic. Because we should know that we already have a problem with the criminal gangs in Peru,” Neira said at a press conference.

A Colombian soldier stands guard after violence escalated at the Rumichaga International Bridge in Ecuador.  Photo: REUTERS/Andrés Ceballos
A Colombian soldier stands guard after violence escalated at the Rumichaga International Bridge in Ecuador. Photo: REUTERS/Andrés Ceballos

Cruz, for his part, indicated that border surveillance would have to be intensified if the measure is implemented. “We must have permanent surveillance there, especially pass control for all criminals who come to our department,” he clarified during his speech.

Organized crime in Ecuador has led to an increase in terrorism this week, with riots in several prisons, kidnappings, explosions, assaults and an armed attack on a television station. The riots occurred as the Novoa administration was preparing to implement a plan to regain control of prisons, many of which were locally dominated by these groups.

Violence has moved to the streets to make the country the most violent country in the world, with 45 intentional homicides per 100,000 citizens in 2023. The State Department has announced that several senior US officials will visit the country in the coming weeks. Increase intelligence sharing.

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