Bonus Support 2024, LINK ID Query: Will Midis pay S/350 again? | Bonus Support 2023 | Beneficiaries, Date of Payment

Dina Boluarte Check if the government will reinstate the Yanapay bonus of 350 soles to vulnerable Peruvian families across the country.

Find out if Midis will pay the Yanapay bonus 350 soles again in 2024 and have an official LINK to the consultation. | Composition: Libero

He Bonus support This is the most requested grant during the pandemic due to the crisis created by Covid-19. In response, the Peruvian government began distributing S/350 to thousands of citizens. Currently, it is curious to know if this subsidy will be implemented again in 2024.

Let's remember that this big bond paid off Older people in poverty or vulnerable situations For those who have met the requirements established at the national level, as well as for users of the Juntos, Pension 65 or Contico social programs of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS).

Will Midis Pay Yanabe Bonus Again in 2024?

During the Message to the Nation 2023, President Tina Polwarte announced to the people that various economic supports will be provided during her administration. S/700 Craftsmen's Bonus; However, till January this year, New deposit of Yanapay bonus is not confirmed yet.

Bonus help had an official link So citizens across the country can check if they have collected 350 footfalls, but now The connection to the query is disabled. These are the steps to follow:

  • Enter the official page
  • Your place Identification Number Date of issue on the top right hand side of your identity document.
  • Click on the box: “I'm not a robot”
  • Read and accept Privacy Policy.
  • Ready, inquire whether you are a beneficiary of the grant.
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Requirements for Access to Aid Certificate

Find out what requirements the beneficiaries of the 350 soles Yanapay bonus must meet:

  • Those who have A state of poverty or extreme povertyAccording to the Household Targeting System (Sisfoh).
  • Program users Together, pension 65 or with you.
  • Not on payroll Public or private except pensioners and trainees.
  • get Economic income is less than S/ 3000 per month per household.

Till when Yanabhai bonus is given?

According to the Peruvian government's portal, this economic support was provided at the national level July 1, 2022 And so far the next possible payment has been confirmed.

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