EFE Economic Day topics for Saturday, January 20, 2024

Freight transportation

MADRID – A long blockade running through the Red Sea has increased the cost of trade between Asia and Europe, threatening to impact assembly lines in industries particularly sensitive to delays, such as the automobile industry. An upward impact on prices for consumers.



working day

MADRID – The average working day agreed in a collective agreement rose to 38.3 hours per week in 2023, compared to 38 hours in 2022, below the Labor Ministry's legal working day of 40 hours per week. Hours, the change will begin negotiations with community agencies next week.

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MADRID – The office market continues to plunge into its transformation, jumping into teleworking and seeking to differentiate itself competitively in a segment where investment is down 53% by 2023. application.

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Information agenda

12:00h.- Berlin.- Germany Agriculture.- A total of 62 organizations demanding GMO-free and environmentally sustainable agriculture are demonstrating in Berlin with the slogan “We are fed up”. Farmers participation and new tractor units are expected.

17:00h.- Tijuana (Mexico).- Mexico Work.- Mexican representatives and unions begin their protest at the border to shorten the working day (text) (photo) (video)



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