Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s daughter is suing to remove her father’s last name

ShilohShe works as a voice actress in the film Kung Fu Panda 3The petitioner was the first among his siblings Legal name change.

Shiloh Novel Jolie-PittDaughter of actors Angelina Jolie Y Brad PittOn Thursday, May 27, she filed a petition to change her name in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Shiloh Novel JolieMedia reports Los Angeles Times.

Although her siblings have stopped using their father’s last name in public in recent years, Shiloh, who works as a voice actress in the film Kung Fu Panda 3First to file a petition for legal name change.

The young woman was born on May 27, 2006 in Namibia and is the third of six siblings: Maddox, Pax, Zahara and twins Knox and Vivienne.

Angelina Jolie He asked for a divorce Brad Pitt in September 2016, but it has been very difficult to reach an agreement that satisfies both.

The actors, who married in August 2014, have filed lawsuits against each other in recent years over disagreements over their shared businesses and assets, including a property in France.

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Angelina Jolie claims she was “physically abusive” from Brad Pitt before the incident that broke them up

After the divorce in 2019, Angelina Jolie Y Brad Pitt They have been involved in a series of legal disputes, the most recent being a fight over French winery Chateau Miraval. As recalled, in early 2022, the actor Troy He sued the actress for trying They sell their share of the shared property.

In early April, Jolie’s lawyers filed a motion in Los Angeles Superior Court that says Pitt would have been barred from selling part of the winery had his ex-wife not signed a strict confidentiality agreement.

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“[Ese acuerdo de confidencialidad] Forbidden Jolie Talk about abuse (other than in court). Bit toward Jolie and her children by attempting to conflate Pitt’s personal reputation with the Miraval business,” according to the court document. CNN.

These letters refer to an incident in 2016 when the actor was still an actor He allegedly physically assaulted one of the couple’s children during a private flight. However, the most shocking thing is the legal team Jolie She now says Pitt’s physical abuse began before the incident.

“At trial, Jolie will testify through testimony, emails, photographs and other evidence Bit “He was so concerned about his own misconduct that he blocked his own deal to buy Jolie’s shares in Miraval after she refused to accept his extensive new confidentiality agreement,” the filing says.

Brad Pitt’s Response to Angelina Jolie’s Allegation

According to the aforementioned media, Brad Pitt Jolie had previously said she did not agree to sign her confidentiality agreement because she proposed another, broader agreement, which states that “neither party shall make, directly or through their representatives, any disparaging comments about the other party in a public forum, except during arguments or testimony in court.”

Although The actor denied the allegations And he was acquitted of the crime on the plane. Angelina Jolie He did not retract his version of events. The incident marked the first time the physical abuse extended to the children, prompting Jolie to immediately leave the relationship, according to the documents.

“Unwilling to be silenced by Jolie’s confidentiality agreement, Mr. Pitt refused to buy Ms. Jolie. By refusing to buy her and then suing her, Mr. Pitt directly questioned why the deal was so important to him. And he hoped to bury: Ms. He abused Jolie and her family,” he said CNN Paul Murphy, the actress’ attorney. “After an eight-month delay, this motion asks the court to finally compel Mr. Pitt to produce that evidence.”

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