Bruce Willis’ daughter’s heartbreaking message in response to her father’s deteriorating health

Amidst Bruce Willis’ dementia, his daughter Rumer admits she misses her father (Credits: Instagram/rumerwillis)

Rumor WillisThe daughter of famous actor Bruce Willis has expressed her longing through a publication Instagram, she is seen in a childhood photo with her father. In an accompanying text, Rumer, 35, commented: “I miss my dad a lot today”. This occurs in a context where Willis’ dementia has progressed so alarmingly that he can no longer recognize many members of his family.

The photo dates back to 1988, the year Rumer was born and Willis released the image that would make him world famous: Hard to kill. Bruce appears shirtless and smiling, cradling his months-old daughter in a white dress paired with a headpiece adorned with a white rose. In the post, hundreds of people shared messages of support for Rumer and her family during a difficult time with her father’s illness. Even his sister Tallulah Commented on the post with a summary “Love You Sister”.

Bruce Willis’ eldest daughter Rumer Willis has shared a photo of herself with her father, saying she misses him. His sister Tallulah also took the opportunity to send him a message (Credit: Instagram/rumerwillis)

Although the singer and actress has been very reserved about her father’s illness, her younger sister has taken it upon herself to share several updates on Bruce Willis’ condition. In early November, Tallulah assured her that despite her father’s illness, he remains a very loving man, with whom she still shares a special bond.

He was the one I learned in this sense, I think the best one could ask for. “I see love when I’m with him, he’s my father and he loves me, it’s very special.”

Tallulah Willis, one of Bruce’s daughters, has been very vocal about the actor’s health. Photo: Instagram/buuski

At the same time, Hemming Willis, the actor’s wife since 2009, shared in an article for Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper that she feels guilty for all the family members who have been diagnosed with dementia in recent months and cannot provide the care they provide. Hollywood royalty should be part of the deal.

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I struggle with guilt knowing that I have resources that others don’t.. When I go for a walk to clear my head, it’s not lost on me that not all caregivers can do that. When my sharing about our family’s journey gets press attention, I know it There are thousands of untold and unheard stories, each deserving of compassion and care.. At the same time, I find that what I share with others who may be suffering is important and, to a certain extent, makes them see and understand,” said the model.

Bruce Willis’ wife Emma Heming said she struggles with guilt over her husband’s condition (Getty Images)

It was for this reason that Willis’ family was very open about his health; According to Tallulah, the family is trying to raise awareness through their own experience.

“I think it has two aspects. On the one hand, it’s who we are as a family, but that’s very important To make us aware. When we as a family take something that is difficult to help others and turn it into something beautiful, that is very special to us.

Bruce Willis’ family seeks to raise awareness by sharing the evolution of his disease Photo © 2022 Backgrid/The Grosby Group

In April 2022, it was announced that Willis had been diagnosed with aphasia, which impairs the language skills of an affected person. Gradually, the disease developed into frontotemporal dementia, due to which the actor not only lost the ability to communicate properly, but also forgot his family.

Screenwriter and Director Glen Gordon Caron He recently gave an interview where he shared more details about how Willis has changed with the disease. It is based on creator visits moonlight Done to the actor.

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“I have a feeling he knew who I was in the first three minutes. It is not purely verbal; He used to be a voracious reader—he didn’t want anyone to know—and now he doesn’t. All those language skills are out of his reach now, and he’s still Bruce.”.

Bruce can no longer read, said screenwriter and director Glen Gordon Caron (Photo by Ray Tamara/GC Images)

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