Pamela Franco raises the price of her show and sets these conditions to share the event with Christian Dominguez | programs

He didn't even want to cross him. Cumbiambera Pamela Franco and her ex Christian Dominguez They performed at the same event in Ayacucho; But they were never together. In this scenario, Magali TV, the law firm issued what conditions Franco appears in the same place Dominguez.

TROME | Pamela Franco and Christian Dominguez on the same stage (Magali TV)

Magali Medina I confirm that Pamela Franco And his band charged 30 thousand soles for this presentation. A much larger amount than they received before the 'best nose in cumbia' cheating scandal broke.

“She asked not to cross paths DominguezBeing in the same hotel and on the same platform at the same time”; 'Magpie' he said.

According to Magali, Pamela Franco He waited twenty minutes after the orchestra returned. Christian DominguezJust go on stage. “Who wants to see someone betray your trust?”Medina asked herself.

Christian Dominguez and Pamela Franco in concert

The organizers of this presentation had a unifying idea Christian Dominguez and Pamela Franco; But that did not happen due to Kumbipambaram's request. Also, no one wants to answer the press about what happened.

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