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P.T.SOne of the boyfriends K-pop Meets the most recognized in the world 10 years together, this June 13, 2023, since their debut. This is a very special month Bangtan and the ArmyIn this note we are giving you a list of all the activities scheduled for this month from theatres, concerts and more details of this tenth anniversary festival.

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June schedule for BTS

The month kicks off with scheduled solo tour dates for Min Yoongi, popularly known as Suga or August D.

  • June 2: The interpreter of ‘Amygdala’ will perform a concert in Kanagawa, Japan as part of his world tour. ‘August de Tour or D-Day TourKicking off one of his 3 scheduled dates for Pia Arena MM. Everything indicates that he will enter after starting his solo career and fulfilling his schedule Military service.
August D |. in Kanagawa, Japan Photo: ibighit website
  • June 3: A second planned date in Japan was chosen to screen Live in hundreds of theaters worldwide And thus somehow make the military a part of their show in Asia, which happened with PTD on stage. In Peru, the selected cinemas to air the August de musical are: Cinepolis, Cinemark and Cineplanet. We leave you To get tickets:
D-Day Tour Live, Suga in concert in Peru: Which theaters will broadcast the concert from Japan? | Photo: Official website
  • From June 4 to 25: Suga will continue his world tour starting with the last date in Japan before performing three concerts in Bangkok on June 9, 10 and 11. Finally, from the 16th to the 18th he will perform two shows in Singapore and ends his tour in Seoul with two dates on the 24th and 25th of June.
  • June 13: June 13 marks BTS’s tenth anniversary since their inception in 2013 when they debuted with ‘No More Dream’. FESTA is official, though; Neither Jin nor J-Hope will apply because they serve in the military.
  • From June 12 to 25: He It was already announced by BigHit through a video in which they didn’t reveal much information about it, but everything indicates that the members of BTS will unite on this special date.
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The ‘BTS Presents Everywhere’ festival will take place on June 17 in Seoul, South Korea, and its main venue will be Yeouido Hangang Park. At this time it is only confirmed, however; Festa is a two-week celebration of the abiding love and dedication to the Bandung Army.

So far, no online activities have been reported, but according to Korean press, a large face-to-face system will be used in South Korea, and some places such as Sebit, Namsan Seoul Tower, City Hall, TDP and the World Cup will have the bridge in purple, which is the official color of Bangtan and the military, and Conducts various activities, events and more.

  • June 17: On June 17th and/or 18th, the Suga and J-Hope documentary will air in various theaters around the world. Titles ‘J-Hope in the Box’ and ‘Suga: Road to D-Day’ already run on Disney+ streaming, but only hit theaters on this date. Both documentaries chronicle the idols’ personal lives and their musical journeys, the challenges they faced with the release of their new solo albums, and more intimate revelations.

Meera: BTS’ Suga and J-Hope Documentary Hits Theaters: When They Release, Ticket Sales, and More

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