C3Tec opens up free education space for seniors

The Creole Science and Technology Center (C3Tec) in Caguas opened a free space for people 65 years or older to enjoy science and technology with their families.

The initiative, which is part of the celebration of Senior Citizens Month, was made possible after a partnership between the non-profit organization and the Triple S Foundation.

From Thursday to Saturday, adults 65 and older can visit the permanent exhibition, cinema-theater inside the C3Tec facilities to watch the documentary “Wings over water” in 3D, participate with children and read stories for free. .

“Our idea is to attract these people who we know need to be distracted, share in a group and exercise their minds. It’s important for everyone at C3Tec to include all sectors of the population in a participatory way and share with the family, which is why this inclusion program is so important,” he said. said Dasha Endara, Managing Director of C3Tec.

In addition to enjoying the permanent exhibit and educational documentary, there will be an opportunity to participate in workshops focused on marine science and environmental science. These work with the development of critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration.

“At Triple S Foundation, we strive to create spaces of social connection for everyone and for the elderly and those with dementia who need spaces that suit their physical, emotional and learning needs. C3tec has become an option for the whole family and even people with Alzheimer’s, so we are delighted to support this initiative,” said Triple S Foundation. Managing Director Lydia Figueroa said.

The initiative offers Aegis and groups caring for the elderly an opportunity to coordinate excursions.

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For more information, you can call the Downtown Ticket Office or (787) 653-6391, ext. 219.

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