Cali has a ‘Public Policy on Science, Technology and Innovation’

On Tuesday (05.09.2023) the ‘Public Science, Technology and Innovation Policy’ was approved by the Santiago de Cali District Council.

With 17 votes in favor, the District Council of Santiago de Cali informed him Yes (Approved) to ‘Public Policy on Science, Technology and Innovation’, Created and led by Doctor and Mayor Jorge Iván Ospina Gomes and the Department of Information Technologies and Communications-Tatic Administration.

“We are delighted, and we have received a great response from the council to get approval General politics It will reap all the successes we need to achieve in this 10-year window so that Galle can grow in research, technology and knowledge management,” said Teresa Cancelado, director of TATIC.

The General Assembly Allowed the study for presentation Second debate of 2023 Draft Agreement No. 207, “The General Policy on Science, Technology and Innovation is hereby adopted, where other provisions are provided” The process was coordinated and led by Honorable Councilor Speaker Juan Martin Bravo Castano.

During the session, councillors, officers and the general public were given feedback Draft Agreement, Composed by 15 articlesIt is divided into modules 1 Al 4, 5 Al 8 and 9 Al 15. Next, the most favorable vote for the district of Santiago de Cali was taken at the close.

(read more: Next week the ‘General Policy of CTeI’ will be discussed in the plenary session of the Assembly)

“We are happy that the council has approved this public politics, A 10-year timeline for the advancement of science, technology and innovation. Most importantly, there is a budget of 198 billion dollars, where more than 40 activities will be carried out in four strategic axes, strengthening the city and creating a digital and technological ecosystem. I believe in the transformation of technology,” said Councilor Juan Martin Bravo.

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He said that Kali has the most prominent companies in the technology sector and is the only free zone in the country with technology services, which will make it possible to make major breakthroughs.

It should be noted that the process of building and integrating principle It lasted for two years until it was approved by the ICT Administration Department.

This is road map It guarantees an active dialogue between the quadruple helix, allowing to stimulate the ecosystem of science, technology and innovation (academia, civil society, corporations and government), scientific and technological knowledge is essential to improve the quality of life of citizens in a sustainable, inclusive and intelligent manner.

The district administration thanks all the actors and public for their support principle General This will allow the digital transformation of Kali.

Juan Martin Bravo – Councilor

Tania Fernandez – Councillor

Alexandra Hernandez – Councilor

Teresa Cancelado – Technical Director

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– The ‘General Policy of CTeI’ was approved by the District Council’s plan and the Land Commission

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