Hisbam Digital Forum: Highlights of a technology and innovation forum with companies from around the world

Santiago Barca, B2B Director of Movistar Argentina (Adrián Escandar)

This Tuesday, September 26, local edition Hisbam Digital ForumA place organized by Movistar to integrate Technical experts and discuss trends Digital transformation For companies.

This will be the 3rd edition of this event in Latin America in 2023. Day 1 was in Lima and Day 2 was in Bogotá.

Movistar was a leader in digital transformation in the space. What is the Metaverse? Will AI change jobs? How do elite athletes use technology?

The forum had the participation of major technology companies (Movistar partners). Huawei, Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia, Hiperpbx, WiseCx, LG, Fortinet y ITCOMPeople who have tested their digital solutions live at different levels.

Additionally, with Santiago Barca – Movistar Argentina’s B2B Director – as presenter, the event was divided into four panels.

Marcelo Tarakjian, CEO of Movistar Argentina (Adrián Escandar)

In “Exploring the Challenges of Innovation”, Marcelo TarakjianCEO’s Movistar Argentinadiscussed with Roberto Alexander, CEO of IBMDigital Transformation and Application of Enterprises Artificial intelligence For business.

“For a change to be successful, it must cross the entire organization, essentially with two main objectives: achieving efficiency and improving the company’s experience with customers,” Tarakjian said.

Speakers from Santander, Minera Don Nicolás and DESA Group in conversation with Juan Vicente Martin, B2B Director of Movistar Empresas Hispanoamérica (Adrián Escandar)

Regarding the possibility AI eliminates jobs, CEO of IBM, created: “As organizations face AI projects, we see that they need more talent. Today’s reality is the opposite, there is a shortage of talent. I don’t see it changing jobs, there’s going to be reskilling, there’s going to be a change. 40% of jobs will undergo some form of restructuring within three years You have to prepare, but new jobs will appear.

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In the second group, “digital acceleration of enterprises”, exponentials Santander, Minera Don Nicolas and Grupo Tesa In conversation with, shared their experiences on the journey towards digital transformation Juan Vicente Martin, B2B Director of Movistar Empresas Hispanoamerica.

Julieta Shulkin presented some findings from her book “Vuelta por el metaverso (Adrián Escándar).

George BertascoSantander’s CFO highlighted the importance Develop digital channels Bank’s to improve customer experience Veronica NoharaThe CEO of Minera San Nicolás highlighted the experiences of neighboring countries such as Chile – where operations are automated and employees work remotely, resulting in greater safety and efficiency.

In the case Carlos BelloniCTxO of Grupo DESA, reflected: “There is a lot of talk about culture change, about efficiency, but one has to have a strategy. Why do we change? Why do we change? The world is changing, because the supplier imposes it on me, they give me a smart meter or so on. Are they selling for things, but for what? These types of questions need to be answered by a strategy.

The Hisbam Digital Forum featured the participation of Juan Ignacio “Pepe” Sánchez, the first Argentine to reach the NBA and creator of Dow Center Argentina (Adrián Escandar).

Another of the guests Julieta ShulkinJournalist and author specializing in technology “Return Through the Metaverse”A year-long investigation into the new phenomenon, he interviewed more than 50 experts in the field.

“In the future we will be able to spend at least one hour of our lives Metaverso, but they still haven’t said in which metaverse, how, why, and when. A metaverse is not the same as a Virtual world, need social interaction and audience. “You need people who can go through this,” warned the journalist. “electric field”.

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Finally, the basketball player, Juan Ignacio “Pepe” SanchezThe first reached Argentina NBA and creator Dow Center Argentinaa, high-performance stadium with LEAD sustainability certification.

Asked how technology has affected sports fields, Sanchez replied: “There have been two big revolutions, the first Sports ScienceHow science comes to disrupt the human body, and Data analysisWe begin to think of the game as random no longer, and begin to be objective when making decisions.

“We still have a lot to do to learn how artificial intelligence enables company processes. Success stories are already being worked on and we have the challenge of being able to produce them to work with our customers,” concluded Santiago Barca in a conversation with Infobae.

“There will be many challenges, mainly in terms of cybersecurity and the cloud,” said Santiago Barca (Adrián Escandar).

In addition, Movistar Argentina’s B2B director noted the challenges digital transformation represents for companies: “There will be many challenges mainly in terms of cyber security and cloud. The requirements for these two services are going to increase exponentially, as you need to have better connectivity, security as new technology poses additional challenges, and a robust cloud to host all the applications you have going. Use.”

In that respect, Movistar Empresas in Argentina Provides connectivity services Provides support to over 300,000 companies the cloud Responsible for detecting and removing more than 450 thousand cyber security threats for more than 800 customers and monthly.

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