Can the Earth be connected to the Moon?

Reaching the Moon is one of the goals that science continues to reflect on, and for decades scientists have been looking for simple ways to achieve it.

Indeed, the ongoing race to ‘conquer the moon’ has prompted continued exploration of the possibilities of creating more direct access.Researchers from Cambridge and Columbia University are no exception, as they have decided to join forces to explore the possibilities of building a space elevator.

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Recently, the studySpaceline: A Practical Space Elevator Alternative Achievable With Today’s Technology‘, published by the Cornell University Astronomy Law Journal, revealed some of the keys to the effort to successfully achieve this goal.

Some of the conclusions reached by the scientists are:

1. The researchers suggest that a ‘spaceline’ cable connecting to Earth’s gravitational field should be located, which should be anchored to the surface of the satellite.

In this regard, the researchers said:With current materials, it is possible to build a cable that extends near the altitude of geostationary orbit, which would facilitate travel and construction between the Earth and the Moon.“.

The cable will have railway-like infrastructure The materials will be carbon nanotubes because it needs to be strong.

2. About design, Lifts should be very narrow at the ends To resist the pressure of gravity and width in the central part.

China’s Mission to Mars

Conquering space isn’t just about the moon, but in the Eastern Hemisphere, a mission China has been mulling over for years. How to reduce the cost of space missions to Mars

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In 2021 China’s major rocket manufacturer unveiled plans to explore the planet with a concept similar to those developed by Cambridge and Columbia.

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For this, China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), owned by the government, promised to undertake the first phase of surveying the planet’s terrain, gathering information and equipping it with the necessary technology. Later, a mission would be carried out to build a base on the planet and eventually a transport mechanism that would allow it to connect to Mars.

What is a space elevator?

The idea originally came from a Russian physicist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, who envisioned that it would be easy to create a structure that would allow a vehicle to leave the ground without using rockets. At the time, the possibility was ruled out because there was no object to resist the weight.

This idea was picked up by another Russian. Yuri N. Artsulanov, To achieve this, he said, a satellite could be used as a counterweight.

Since this proposal, more scientists have been engaged in exploring the possibilities.

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Various experts have designed cables with different materials to test the resistance, especially where there is high tension. 35,786 km above the Earth’s equator.

Compared to the material of the cable, the idea that created the greatest resonance was proposed by American researchers, Bradley C. Edwards In the year 2000. He designed a spiral-shaped cable made of carbon nanotubes that is stronger.

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NASA is currently implementing Edwards’ proposal.

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