Car-based technology

Car-based technology

The union between cars and cellphones is relatively new, and it’s only been about 5 years since they started exploring how the two worlds could merge in one place. It’s there Porsche Digital Takes an important job for the brand.

Although this subsidiary of the brand was born in 2016, it is increasingly important as it has 10 offices in key markets around the world for the development of a digital ecosystem that is useful and close to customers. Porsche.

For this, Andreas Gabler and Stefan Wittmer are the managing directors Porsche Digital As for Mexico, they told us about what the branch of the brand does and why the new office located in Guadalajara is important in its development.

The Porsche subsidiary focuses on the digital ecosystem.

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As we have already mentioned, it is a subsidiary Porsche. This means that even though he works with the brand, he is, to a certain extent, independent. Its technical approach is responsible for developing and solving software that fits cars and users.

In this sense, headquarters Guadalajara It was chosen for being like the “Mexican Silicon Valley” because it is where most of the country’s tech talent is concentrated, as 40% of the tech economy is located in Perla Tapatia.

On the one hand, Porsche Digital has the goal of creating Infotainment systems Intuitive and fast, something that goes hand-in-hand with any model at home. Unlike a vehicle, software requires rapid changes and listens more closely to the needs of users.

Too small buttons or confusing menus? Porsche Digital It listens to this and modifies the internal experience to make it as natural as possible. Together with teams from Europe, Asia and America, results have been reached that establish the course to be taken from a digital perspective.

They are responsible for the website, the builder and the entire environment that lives behind the computers. All you need to do is take a few minutes to browse any page Porsche To see how interactive it is.

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Porsche It has the honor of calling itself a brand with a loyal following. In fact, it is one of the cars that still has the highest number of classic cars around the world. It’s always nice to see a classic 911 on the street because it’s reminiscent of the analog era but can also be added to a digital environment.

as? To do this, Andreas answers the question from a very important perspective: adaptation to the modern era. Porsche Not too long ago it introduced an infotainment system with a screen that, while being original equipment, is sure to continue to be a Porsche, befitting those classic models.

The Porsche subsidiary focuses on the digital ecosystem.

But there is also the maintenance side, where going to a workshop is inevitable. Not on the reliability side, but because all cars are a collection of properly functioning parts that need to be serviced sooner or later. Here is the application My Porsche In practice, there is the possibility to schedule meetings in the workshop according to their locations.

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Also, it is suggested that it helps to know details about encounters between fans event Without triangulating information. Spare parts, cleaning supplies and other spare parts are also available on site and also serves as a platform to buy and sell Porsches with the assurance that they are cars in good condition.

The Porsche subsidiary focuses on the digital ecosystem.

Porsche Digital in Guadalajara is Gateway to Latin AmericaThere is a significant sales volume, which will provide valuable information for the development of apps and software dedicated to the cars and users of the brand in the years to come.


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