Carla Tarazona admits that her relationship with Christian Dominguez improved when she accepted the infidelity

Carla Tarazona admits that Christian Dominguez is the ex-partner she had the best relationship with. (Video: Youtube Edson for what else).

To see harmony and hope amid the speculation and rumors that have arisen in recent weeks Carla Tarazona and Christian DominguezThe host of “Préndete” was previously revealed Edson Davila The cumbia singer had a great relationship with his ex-partner, although, again, he made it clear that it was only as his parents.Son Valentino, he is 8 years old.

“Of the ex-partners you've had, who do you have a good relationship with?” That's the question Edson Dave asked him in his YouTube program “Edson pa' qué más”. Faced with this, Tarazona didn't hesitate to answer loud and clear: “With Cristian (Dominguez).”

explained the TV host He maintains a good relationship with the singerIt didn't happen overnight. Carla Tarazona She remembers that they initially ended in a very violent way because Dominguez cheated on her with the dancer. Isabel Acevedo, the famous 'Sabellita'.

“We learned a good relationship. It's true that when the relationship ended, with kicks, even though it was legal, we talked over time, many problems were resolved, and we left it there and decided to have a relationship as Valentino's parents. My son's peace of mind. ” Karla commented.

Christian Dominguez is caught outside Pamela Franco's house and then goes to Carla Tarazona's house. (Composite: Infobae)

The presenter recalled that she had two completely different relationships with her children's parents. On the one hand, there is Leonard Lyon, the father of the two seniors, with whom she is known to be having an affair. A “very tight” relationship And full of judicial processes.

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On the other hand is Minor's father Cristian Dominguez, with whom Tarazona admits that it took three years for their relationship to improve, and that the singer and 'Sapelita' came out in public had a lot to do with it. Recognize that there was a Treachery Towards Carla Tarazona.

“The problem with Cristian (Domínguez), the relationship improved after three years, and the two involved in the problem made a public apology and accepted what they did at that time, and I think things have been resolved since then,” Carla Tarazona said.

Carla Tarazona confessed to Edson Davila that what bothered her were people who didn't accept things and looked like a troubled person.

Karla Tarazona confirms her relationship with Cristian Dominguez improved after 'Sapelita' ended. (Video: Youtube Edson is different).

“What bothered me was that they wanted to see my face, in my house, and that's what bothered me the most. Like I said Christian, I'm not going to leave you a hair after what happened.” “After what you did, you had to consider the consequences of your actions,” Tarazona said.

“Years later, when both of them They apologize publicly They admit what they did publicly and I'm done with it, and then we started a good relationship and I left. That's my conflict, why are you going to call me a liar if I'm not one,” said the host.

In the middle of an interview between Edson Davila and Carla Tarazona, the host popped the question “America Today” anchor At that moment, know what's going on between Christian Dominguez and 'Sapelita' and stay silent. “You better go to the dance with her.”Tarazona confronted him.

Karla Tarazona takes on Edson Dávila in the title 'Sabelita'. (Video: Youtube Edson is different).

Edson Davila, however, took the opportunity to make it clear that he was in at the time 2016Officially entered Gisela's program, she only went sporadically before and focused more on her choreography and was generally not involved in anyone's life.

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I never danced with 'Sabelita' or Christian. Maybe they gave you bad information. I am very reluctant to ask people about their personal lives. I don't know about anyone's life. I don't know what's inside,” famous Giselo assured him.

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