Christian Rivero Won't Continue “This Is War”? This is what the driver said TVMAS

Won't happen anymore? Television presenter and actor Christian Rivero He questioned his permanence as host of the “reality” competition.This is war”, his participation is guaranteed only until April 30, the date the summer ends.

Thus, in an interview with America Spectaculos, Rivero indicated on America TV that his future is uncertainHe has no news about contract renewal.

On January 18th the offer 'It's War' came and on the 23rd it was already stopped (in the plan) and that's it now, What will happen then, I don't know.”; said the actor.

After that, he added: I have until April 30 with the summer season“What will happen next, I have no idea.”

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Christian Rivero: “[Esto es guerra] “It was a great professional challenge.”

Although he received criticism for his participation in “It's War”, CRistian seemed happy and content during the months of hosting the “reality show.”Despite anxiety and fear.

“It was a huge challenge for me personally.'It was a 12-year-old brand, with iconic drivers, very different from what I was doing, a new team…', There were many things that made me nervous and kind of scared, But I accepted the challenge.He pointed out.

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In that sense, Rivero had to adjust to the dynamics during the first week of the TV show, but now he's getting it right.I already understood when it should protect me and when it should bite me, its dynamics, its structure., under control.

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