Carlos Álvarez arrives at “Giron del Humor” dressed as “Father Maritín” and falls in love with “Mostrito” | Dorita Orbegoso Latin | Chinese laughter | trcm | programs

Reloaded! Carlos Alvarez returns to IE “Rozando el cielo” in an opening ceremony with his character known as ‘El Padre Maritín’. With his trademark sense of humor, the lovable character “Rip of Humor” made wild comments that rocked the classroom.

In this sense, he created jokes with characters like “Bato” Ovalle, Torida, Gache and “Chino” Rizas, and there were off-color jokes. At the end, he taunted the ‘maestrito’ asking for holy water and eggs to ward off the evil spirits.

Carlos Alvarez in Snippets of Comedy

however, On seeing him, he fell into the sky immediately, fainted by the ugliness he sawThis made everyone present laugh.

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Carlos Alvarez joins the list of extortion victims

On May 31, Carlos Alvarez went to the headquarters of the PNP’s Directorate of Criminal Investigation (Trinkiri) to denounce the extortion. Through text messages and calls to your phone.

“They say they are going to kill me, I don’t know what will happen to me. I have also received threats from many people for weeks. Today at 11:15 am I noticed something strange in my garden and I threw this (while showing the object). It was a 9mm Longer brand bullet. Nothing is written“, under control.

Carlos Alvarez asks authorities to give a firm hand in the face of citizen insecurity: “I’m not going to pay my taxes to keep criminals”

Comedian Carlos Alvarez He contacted the morning magazine “Arriba Mi Gente” to mention the threats he receives from criminals who dared to leave a bullet at the door of his house.

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With this in mind, the comedian insisted on changing the laws. “I’m not going to pay my taxes to allow criminals, criminals in prison, to plan more crimes outside, doing what they want.” Highlighted the comedian.

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