Minam seeks to reuse tailings creating mining companies in a circular economy economy

seeks to add value by reducing the amount of waste produced by the said operation; Environment Minister Albina Ruiz Rios, previous management what are you looking for Connect mining as part of the so-called circular economy.

The latter includes the production and consumption model, among others, Reuse and recycle Materials used in manufacturing processes minimize the impact of operations on the environment.


In September 2022, during the government of Pedro Castillo, officials They announced that they will provide A National Circular Economy Planr, which includes agriculture, environment, manufacturing, foreign trade and tourism sectors.

however, The current president of Minam, He indicated that his department does not plan to develop a program similar to the one mentioned above It has started developing a “National Circular Economy Roadmap”.

About The guidelines to be followed in the departmental road maps covering the above activities till now, But now they will also incorporate mining.

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That Departmental road maps They will be elaborated with the relevant business departments and will set actions and targets for prioritized activities. as well as measures (regulations) to ensure their mandatory compliance. by concerned institutions.

We at Minam believe that it is important to have sectoral roadmaps in key areas such as mining, energy, hydrocarbons, transport and tourism.Ruiz noted.

What is sought in mining?

The minister mentioned this in relation to mining The goal is to start thinking in new ways So, for example, companies in industry Generates less wasteBut how Stitches can be reused as a result of its manufacturing processes.

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He explained that there are technologies used in other parts of the world (to reuse tails). Experts will be invited from other countriess already made progress in circular economy (applicable to mining). See how to adapt to technological development In this case collect them in Peru and on the aforementioned road maps.

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How many mines can mines create?

According to Edgar Quiros, Water and Tailings Manager Generally, for each tonne of fine copper obtained, in the case of copper alone, It can generate 350 to 600 tonnes of mineral waste.

In a presentation before The expert estimated that only in 2021 surgery of The country’s four major copper companies may have produced more than 500 million tonnestails per year.

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What additional value can I give to my stitches?

However, Queiroz pointed out that within the framework of the circular economy, There are six basic ways to use stitchesYes, like Extractive metallurgy, recycling and energy production, treatment Water, Geopolymerization and Insulators They are already used in mining countries such as Chile, Australia and Canada.

He also said that stitches can be reused Manufacturing of building materials, Glass, Ceramics, Bricks, Manufacturing etc led screens for cell phones, iPod, computers, televisions, fiber optics, batterys and fertilisers, using minerals from mining wastes.

However, he mentioned this Its reusability may have limitations, Such as the distance of mines from their potential markets, which in this case makes commodity solutions more expensive; and advantages compared to those derived from other input stitches.

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