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Ambai acted Christian Dominguez And Mary Moncada continues to have tails and showbiz personalities never stop giving their opinion on the matter. On this occasion, Carlos Caldos decided to comment on the topic and analyzed the singer's behavior, saying that he was a “victim” of what he saw in his childhood.

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“Cristian Dominguez is a victim in all of this. Please don't hate me, don't worry. I feel like Cristian Dominguez is a victim of his life. I feel like he was a victim of his parents' management or something in his childhood.said.

The radio host said Kumbiambero was injured, so he spoke to other experts to share his 'theory'.

“The Christian is a wounded man. I spoke with three experts so far this week on the radio, one of them is Jose Baldion, a psychologist, and the other is Monica Gonzalez, a therapist. “They both agree that what was put into his hard drive as a child, what he saw and interpreted, is important.”he added.

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Defense of Christian Dominguez

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