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Popular actor Nobo passed away due to heart attack. Photo: Composition LR

The Japanese actor’s family said Nobo TakamiHe died in September 2022, but the news was only released to the public on May 9, a day before his 89th birthday.

During his career, Nobo Takami performed various children’s shows, one of which was “Tegrigana”, which means “Can I do it?” in Spanish.

On the other hand, as recalled, the above scheme It was also aired on Peru TV By TV Peru in the afternoons.

Fans are mourning his demise

Although No He passed away in September last year and the exact causes of his death were recently known on May 9, as this Wednesday the 10th is his birthday.

Due to this, his fans are condoling on social media that he died of heart failure. In the comments, you can read things like, “Your program was great when it was on Channel 7, RIP”, “Rest in peace Nobo, I learned so much from you, you made our afternoons in front of the TV so happy”. Goodbye my friend”, “I have great memories of that show”, among others.

“Can I do it?”: A successful project

Cont Educational Television It aired between 1967 and 1990. The show’s success would later reach the small screen in other Latin American countries on their respective state channels.

In turn, the content of the program Based on the realization of crafts In 15 minutes. In this way, young and old have learned how to use paper, scissors or sticky tape.

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The main cast of the series Noppo and Konda. On the one hand, Nobo is played by El Takami, while Konda is portrayed by Jun Imura.

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