Carlos Slim's take on the performance of the national economy

Mexico There is no desired economic and industrial development that does not allow access to the third technological civilization, he considered this Friday Carlos Slim Helu is the owner of Grupo Garzo.

We have political and social stability, I would say with degradations in various areas, but no economic development, in the development of industrial society, we have not approached this third technological civilization.“, said.

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However, its owner America Mobile and Telephones of Mexico (Telmex) Above all, due to investments and the arrival of new companies, relocation or relocation or 'near'.

Fortunately in Mexico we live in a very special moment“, commented the richest man in Mexico Economic Outlook Seminar of the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) 2024.

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Carlos Slim


That's what the Mexican president thought Nationalist propaganda Strengthens the productivity and exports of industries established in the country by the Mexican government.

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Today, thanks to nationalist propaganda and government efforts, industries are succeeding because appreciating foreign currency makes it harder to import and easier to export goods.”, he noted.

On the contrary, Slim Helu also mentioned The perception of the closeness and interdependence of the American economy has changed.He highlighted competitive advantages Mexico, United States and Canada Agreement (T-MEC).

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Mexico City


Now there is a shift from globalization to a kind of regionalization in Mexico”, he commented.

Mexico's richest man asked Overcome the barrier of underdevelopment and invest more in the country to boost the economy.

The barrier of underdevelopment must be broken; Enter investment, invest more, boost the economy and return to unity without conflict”, he revealed.


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