Government plans to issue S/400 schooling bonus: How much is it and who should receive it in January? | economy

He Administrative authority Establishes regulatory rules for issuance School bonusOne time payment will be made in January 2024 payment sheet Public Sector. The amount of this benefit is S/400.

By , Published in the official newspaper El Peruano on Thursday, Law no. 29944, wages in the case of contract teachers and teaching assistants employed within the framework of the Teachers Reform Act School bonus This will be paid in one time, June 2024 payment slip.

What are the requirements?

The Supreme Order also mentions the employees who will benefit from this School bonus The following conditions must be met:

  • On the effective date of this provision or vacation leave, or leave with pay, or Act No. 26790, obtaining grants specified in the Social Security Modernization in Health Act.
  • Must have been in service for not less than three months as on the date provided in the preceding paragraph.
  • If you do not have the above time, the benefit will be paid in proportion to the months and days worked.

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As per the rules, the active and retired employees of the state get School bonus In a public company, higher income should be given to the person who pays.

He School bonus It is not subject to rebates for social security contributions, special pension funds and contributions to a private pension system.

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Also, the School bonus It does not form the basis of calculation for any revision of pay, bonus, benefit or pension.

He MEFIf necessary, it is authorized to prescribe supplementary provisions for the proper application of this standard.

Who gets school bonus?

Within the framework of those established in Public Sector Budget Act for Fiscal Year 2024He School bonus It is issued to the following public officers and workers:

  • Legislative Decree no. 276, Act no. 29944 and Act no. 30512 appointed and employed under labor rule.
  • University faculty referred to in Act No. 30220.
  • Legislative Decree no. Health workers referred to in paragraph 3.2 of article 3 of 1153.
  • Permanent and Temporary Employees in Public Sector.
  • Personnel of the Armed Forces and the National Police of Peru.
  • Act no. 15117, Ordinance Laws no. 19846 and no. 20530, Supreme Decree No. 051-88-PCM and Act no. 28091 includes state dependent pensioners.
  • According to the provisions of paragraph 1 of article 24 of the law of the year 29709, the law of the special public prison industry.
  • Public sector employees under the labor regime of private undertakings.

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