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Carlos Zambrano's football future in 2024 is still undecided; However, 'Kaiser' is very happy these days. Or at least, based on a video of him appearing at a wedding, you can see that he dared to dance the Juanido.

TROME | Carlos Zambrano at the wedding (TikTok)

You can watch this video going viral on TikTok For former defender of Alianza Lima And Boca Juniors are very happily married.

Well, it will be his children's nanny's wedding, which took place in Pachagutec, Callo Region, Ventanilla District.

Let's remember that for now Carlos Zambrano Without equipment. Tough defender Alianza maintains contract with Lima; But intimate painting is not in its plans for 2024.

On their social networking sites, Zambrano's wife He said that Nana made them participate in the tradition of 'Balpa'.

“Congratulations Irmita. So glad to be able to share it with you. Thank you for letting us know about the beautiful traditions we were able to see yesterday, despite our short stay, may you have a great time! She wrote to him on her social networks.

Carlos Zambrano's wife shares the news of her Nana's wedding. (Instagram)

Carlos Zambrano will no longer go to Lanus in Argentina

When Carlos Zambrano participates in a wedding, it is known that the defender from Argentina will no longer go to Lanus, because even though Alianza Lima and the board of the Rio de la Plata club have agreed to everything, he will not agree.

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