Unlimited potential of solar thermal and molten salt storage technology

with that product Renewable energy This is the future, and almost no one doubts it anymore. The main challenge is to achieve an efficient system Manage transitions from these sources. Now, an Australian company has received funding to develop a prototype designed to replace these intermediates in molten salt, using concentrated solar energy to store surpluses.

is the company Broad renewablesSpecializing in concentrated solar thermal power (CSP), it has formed a new joint venture with American Nabors Energy Transition Corp (NETC) to develop advanced technology capable of becoming another option to support the power grid.

According to Broad Renewable, its CSP v3.0″ technology uses a Modular tower and a sodium circuit to capture and store solar heat To convert it into electricity and heat without emissions.

The technology reflects and concentrates the sun's rays into several solar receptors, which capture the energy in the form of heat in sodium, and then, Turn the heat up to the molten salts For your high-density, long-term storage.

Stored heat can be used A turbine generates energy by generating steam to produce heat directly for industrial purposesor providing a combination of power and heat for more efficient production of green hydrogen, methanol, and jet fuel.

Broad solar installation projects for concentrated solar power (CSP) plants have recently received a boost, with French energy company EDF investing €10 million to develop the first pilot projects.

Among them is a methanol solar plant in Port Augusta, South Australia, which uses heat and power from a concentrated solar power plant. 30 MW/288 MWIt is the first of its kind in the same city and they hope to produce 7,500 tonnes of green methanol per year.

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