Cedapal Lima has announced a water cut this Friday and Saturday: in which areas?

A citizen turns on the faucet in his kitchen, but after a scheduled supply cut, only a trickle of drinking water comes out. (Andean)

Lima's Water and Sewerage Service (Sedapal) reported several areas of Metropolitan Lima The supply will be temporarily interrupted this Friday, March 5 and Saturday, March 6 due to maintenance works, pipeline repairs and other reasons. The company announced this through a series of posts on its official account on the social network Twitter)

According to the public agency report, several districts have affected sectors and are advised to take precautionary measures to avoid problems. Water scarcity. Some of these are freedom, San Juan de MirafloresLuricancho, Pachacamac, Ad, Surco and Jesus Maria.

As such, Sedapal advised residents to collect the liquid in clean containers with lids Dengue and other types of mosquitoes and insects. This will prevent contamination and keep stock on hand if needed.

In most cases, water outages last up to 12 hours, making it difficult for citizens to carry out daily activities such as bathing, washing clothes or cooking. Don't forget it Sedapal Generally provides online information about water supply points During scheduled outages and there is an application for citizens ArcGISThis allows verification using the delivery number.

Lima Valley

  • 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM On Urbanization—PJ El Planeta; Urbanization.PJ Mirones Bajo; Urbanization-PJ Mirones Bajos; Urbanization-PJ Mirones Altos; Morales Duarez Avenue; Enrique Meeks Avenue; Junior Progress; Aw. Dunas and inner streets of this quadrangle. Cause: Plumbing.


  • 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the Los Alisos Association; Los Aviadores I-II; Residential Prop. Assoc. Virgin of Peon Paso; Assoc. Las Sauces de Cajamarculla; Urb. Villa del Montero; AH Bombas Los Olivares Villa Leticia Cajamarculla; Muruhuai ECNC's Assoc. Lord; AH The Prairies of Huachiba; Viv Hubert Lancer. Reason: Reservoir cleaning.
  • 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM Assoc. Señor de Exaltación Prog. de Viv. In El Bosque; Assoc. Lodis Niveria 1st Assoc. El Haras El Huayco Huachiba; Assoc. Prog. de Viv. Mantaro; Assoc. Viv. Las Palmeras de Huachipa; Living Project El Sol de Chambala; 1st Assoc. San Francisco de Chambala; Rosales of Champala; Chambala curve lodization; Assoc. Las Portales de Niveria; Assoc. Cajamarculla; Millennium Assoc. Assoc. Prop. Los Clavels. Reason: Reservoir cleaning.
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Villa El Salvador

  • 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM AH La Encantada in group 1; AH Ninth Sector 1 and 3; Oasis de Villa Groups 1, 2, 3, 4 and 4A; AH Edilberto Ramos; AH Pachagamak Gardens; Valley of Jesus; Heroes of Senepa; AH palm trees; AH LAURELUS DE VILLA. Reason: Reservoir cleaning.
There won't be a major cut, but service will be interrupted in several sections of metropolitan Lima. (Andean)

La Molina

  • From 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm Rinconada del Largo urbanization, 1st and 2nd level; Urbanization-Koop Musa 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th level; Urb. El Sol de La Molina 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th level. Reason: Reservoir cleaning.


  • 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM Urbanization-AH San Juan de Dios Expansion Groups 16 and 17; Urbanization-AH Group 18 Expansion; Urbanization-AH July 6 – Groups 11 and 12; Urbanization- AH San Albino 2nd Phase Expansion; Urbanization-AH San Juan de Dios Group 20 Expansion; Urbanization-AH El Volante Committee 3, 8 and 13; Urbanization-AH El Volante II; Urbanization-AH El Volante 3rd level. Reason: Reservoir cleaning.

San Martin de Porres

  • 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM Molitalia Industrial Urbanization, Santa Luisa Urbanization, Santa Luisa Urbanization 2nd Level. Reason: Reservoir cleaning.
Sedapal always provides online information about water supply points during scheduled power outages. (Motion: Infopay Peru)


  • 10:00 am to 6:00 pm El Volante Human Settlement Urbanization Group 3, 8, 13; AH Volante II and III urbanization. Reason: Reservoir cleaning.
According to Cetabal, the water cut will affect different parts of metropolitan Lima.

day before yesterday, Sedapal Metropolitan Lima informed that these sectors will be temporarily left without drinking water service, therefore asking its citizens to take the necessary precautions.


  • 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM In Huaycán Zone N – Assoc. Makers St Martin of Boras Mz A, B, C, D, UCV-270, UCV-177, UCV-177B, UCV-177C, UCV-175B, UCV-175C. Reason: Reservoir cleaning.

San Juan de Miraflores

  • 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM In San Juan Urbanization (Section 304). Reason: Reservoir cleaning.
  • 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Cause in San Juan C and D Urbanization: Reservoir Cleaning.
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Jesus is Mary

  • 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM Urb. Fundo Oyague, Av. San Felipe, Av. Salaverry, Jr. Huiracocha and all the streets in this quadrant. Cause: Plumbing.


  • 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM Expansion in Urbanization-AH Group 123; Urbanization-AH Group 93B; Urbanization-AH Integrated Group Villa Ganda; Urbanization-AH Cerro Las Gardenias Neighborhood Group; Urbanization-Independence of U.Pop. Reason: Reservoir cleaning.
  • 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM Urbanization-AH in Los Conquistadores expansion; Urbanization-AH Group 122 Extension and Sector III; Urbanization-AH Group 123 Expansion; Urbanization-AH Group 125 2nd and 3rd Sector Extension; Urbanization-AH Group 41 A; Urbanization-AH Group 56 A Extension May 1; Urbanization-AH Neighborhood Group 112 Sector III Expansion; Urbanization-AH Neighborhood Group August 30; URBANIZATION-AH NEIGHBORHOOD GROUP NO. 122 2nd Division. Reason: Reservoir cleaning.


  • 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM at Urban Montereyco Shopping Center; Miguel Grau; Lima Polo Hunt; Urban Monterico Chico Quadrant: Avenida Primavera Avenida Central, Girona Alonso de Molina, Girona Tomaszal. Cause: Plumbing.
Sedapal reported that this April, a temporary suspension of drinking water service will be recorded in various parts of Lima.


  • 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM AH Huaycán Zone N – UCV-177, UCV-177B, UCV-177C, UCV-175B, UCV-175C, UCV-177, UCV-176, UCV-176B, UCV-174, UCV, UCV-1747 , UCV-175 , UCV-179, UCV-179B, UCV-179C. Reason: Reservoir cleaning.


  • 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM In Nueva Esperanza Human Settlement Urbanization (Section 446). Reason: Reservoir cleaning.
  • 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Sector Nuevo Progresso, Las Casuarinas Housing Association, Colnac Peasant Community Plot 135, Las Palmeras Housing Association, Huertos de Manche Rural Village Center, AH Nueva Esperanza and Sector 24 de Junio-Collanc. Reason: Cleaning of reservoirs.


  • 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM Assoc. Housing Lord of Exaltation; Apv the Forest-Ecnc; Assoc. Lotiz Preurban Niveria 1st; Assoc. Agricultural Haras El Huayco Huachiba; Proc. of Viv Mantaro; Assoc. the palm trees of Huachiba; Live the Sun Techambala 1st show; Assoc. St. Francis of Champala; Champalalotization Roses Champala Arch; Assoc. Gateways to Niveria. Reason: Reservoir cleaning.
Sedapal provides recommendations to improve the maintenance of this vital resource. – Credit: Andina/La Voz

Before the declaration of Water cut in LimaCedapal offers practical advice to face this phenomenon without setbacks:

  • Store water with caution: bottled Water in clean containers and should be well covered to prevent contamination and stocked if necessary.
  • Go ahead with the laundry: wait Washing clothes In case of waterlogging, ensure that clean clothes are ready for later use.
  • Check the lock of your pipes to ensure that: Pipes Your home is properly sealed to prevent leaks, conserve water, and avoid waste.
  • Find the points Water supply Online: Cedapal provides online information about water supply points during regularly scheduled outages. Explore nearby locations for easy access to your water supply.
Cedapal rehabilitates water networks to cope with the effects of an El Niño event. Chanel N

If you have any problems or need information about it Water service Drink, you can communicate Cetabal Aquaphone (317 8000) Oh Al Sunas phone (1899) You can visit any of the seven user service offices in Lima and Callo.

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National Supervisor of Sanitation Services (Sunas) has already made it clear that providers cannot charge for non-effective service during scheduled outages.

The majority of stolen meter cases are in Ventanilla District (4,972). – Credit: Andina

In Peru, the administration of drinking water and sanitation services is mainly carried out by various institutions. Among them:

  • Cedapal (Lima Water and Sewerage Service): It is responsible for providing drinking water and sewage services in Lima and Callo. It is the largest water utility in the country by number of users.
  • EPS Grau (Grau Service Provider Company): Covers Piura and some surrounding areas providing water and sanitation services.
  • Seda Cusco (Cusco Water and Sewerage Service): Provides drinking water and sewage services in the Cusco area.
  • EPS Moquegua (Moquegua Health Services Provider): Provides water and sanitation services in Moquegua.
  • EPS Tacna (Tacna Healthcare Services Provider): Responsible for water and sanitation services in Tacna.
  • EMAPA Cajamarca (Municipal Water and Sewerage Agency of Cajamarca): Provides drinking water and sewerage services in the Cajamarca region.

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