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He Minister of Economy and Finance, Alex ContrerasIt confirmed that Peru would become the port center of Latin America.

According to him, Peru has “tremendous” potential as an export base. “In the Pacific region of South America, at the moment, the main trade flows from Chile, but eventually Chanke Harbour There will be an international reorganization of maritime transport”.

“That is why we are betting on the naval sector. Now, almost nothing goes from Peru to the big market, China; They take alternate routes and come to China from there. But we are going to get a direct route from Chanke port Sankei and Shanghai And it also opens up additional potential for growth,” Highlighted during his participation in the Regional State Council.

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The green lines on the map—he explained—are the international flow to Asia.

“Therefore, one possibility is that all the economic and export activity in Northwestern Brazil emanates from Sangue; and this will reduce the transit time by approximately 15 days”.

He said they should continue to think about how to bring materials from the mountains and forests to the coast. and how to continue to advance the promotion of the sector.

Development in the region

its owner MEF He said that despite facing political and weather crises such as Yaqu, social conflicts with protests, strikes and closed roads, Peru is at the forefront of development in the region.

At another time, after negative months due to social conflicts, he stressed that the main factors for the recovery of the Peruvian economy were the good implementation of the Con Panche Peru program and public investment.

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He highlighted that regional government investment grew by more than 26% and local government investment by 31.8% in April.

“The conflict had a negative impact in December and January. But the concrete fact is that we are seeing a significant recovery in February and beyond. said.

“The speedy implementation of the Khan Panche Peru program is an important factor in the recovery of our economy, but there is also good progress in the implementation of public investment”he added.

“This is the first year of government for all (national, regional and local) but despite this, growth for the first time Public investment. A desire to move forward with all efforts Ministry of Economy and Finance and Departments to coordinate and continue to work on implementation of budgets”. mentioned.

So, he said, he processed more than 7,000 million soles in the first quarter Public investment; “The latest data is that we crossed 10,000 million feet by April, the target is ambitious, but we have to break the execution under that historical trend, we are on the right track and that is the most important thing”.

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