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Bailey McBreen, a nurse FloridaWhile telling his story, it was surprising on social networks that he never imagined that his constant belching was actually a warning sign his body was giving him and after several tests he discovered that he had terminal cancer.

In 2021, Bailey McBreen24 years old, Started burning up to 10 times a day, “not normal” for her. However, for a few months, he ignored what was happening to him, but It all went to waste when it progressed to acid reflux and “unbearable” stomach cramps.

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According to the New York Post, the young woman lived a very healthy life as she exercised several times a week and ate well. But still When she went to the doctor, she was diagnosed with colon cancerThis came as a shock to her and her family.

A CT scan they performed on him revealed that he had “stage 3 colon cancer” and a tumor in his large intestine.

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“It’s really an out-of-body experience,” Commented. “Never in a million years did I think any vague symptoms actually existed Colon cancer At stage 3″, He said.

“It was a symptom in my case because my tumor was slowly causing a complete bowel obstruction.”he added.

Due to this, Food stuck in his stomach, which caused reflux and excessive belching. Fortunately, doctors were able to remove it through emergency surgery at the end of January this year. The young nurse then began chemotherapy, which will continue until August.

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“The whole journey has been a roller coaster of emotions. My diagnosis has affected my life in every way you can imagine.”Lament.

Whatever happened to him, McBreen She denies that cancer “defines” her, and that’s why She is determined to do everything she can to fight this disease, and to do so, she has changed her diet.

“Now I eat completely organic, which I don’t think I would have made a priority before I was diagnosed,” she explained. “Being diagnosed with cancer has made me more aware of my body” He said.

Likewise, his healing process was also spiritual, as the disease forced him to realign his priorities in life.

“Now all I care about is spending time with family, eating healthy, my faith and surrounding myself with my core friends.”, said. “Life is too short to keep pleasing people and doing things that don’t satisfy you,” he concluded.

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