Channel, day and time of the first Ligue 1 matches

Match dates and times for the first day of the Liga 1 MAX Apertura Tournament have been made official. The university will defend the national title in its centenary year

Find the schedule for Ligue 1 Apertura Match Date 1 | Photo: Professional Soccer League

Fans are looking forward to the start of Ligue 1 2024. In this case, the clubs want University, Game Crystal, Lima Alliance Y FBC Melgar They will again fight to win the national title and qualify for the international competition.

Let's remember that for this edition of the championship, 18 clubs will play, so teams will no longer have free dates (rests).

University It was Sunday, January 28, at the Mancich Stadium in Trujillo against Carlos A. Visits Mannuchi. The 'Cream' team retained their status as champions in their centenary year

while, Lima Alliance vs. will be played on the same day Cesar Vallejo It contains National Theatre. It should be noted that due to the blackout in the 2023 second leg final, the blue and white club was unable to use its Matute Stadium due to permission from the FPF Regulatory Authority.

Similarly, Sporting Cristal face ATT at the Alberto Gallardo Stadium on Saturday. The match will mark the debut of Anderson Moreira as the technical director of the light blue team.

Below is the full schedule for the opening date:

Schedule Date 1 – Apertura 2024 Match

Friday 26th January

  • 15.00 | UTC vs UTC Sporty Carcilazo | League 1 Max
  • 19.00 | Melgar vs Cusco FC | Liga 1 Max

Saturday 27 January

  • 15.00 | Sporting Crystal vs ADT | Liga 1 Max
  • 17.30 | Game Huancayo vs. Game Boys | Liga 1 Max
  • 20.00 | Cienciano vs. United Merchants | League 1 Max
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Sunday 28th January

  • 14.30 | Atlético Grav Vs. Alianza Atlético | League 1 Max
  • 17.00 | CA Mannucci vs CA Mannucci University | Golperu
  • 20.00 | Alianza Lima vs. César Vallejo | League 1 Max

Monday, January 29

  • 15.00 | Sangas vs. Union | To be confirmed

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