NASA Calendar 2024: What to see in the year and how to download it

NASA shared access to the 2024 calendar. In this edition, it invites you not only to know the dates of launches, landings and important missions, but also to take a journey through the years of space science.

NASA logo. Photo: Reuters.

NASA revealed its long-awaited Annual calendar for 2024, an entertaining installment of space exploration beyond a simple record of dates and events. This subtle list features To publish information Voyages and important landing dates, plus dives Space historyCommemorating significant years and highlighting astronomical events that mark the year.

What sets this calendar apart from previous years is its artistic design, a unique fusion Amazing images of the universe and portraits of great scientists who have advanced our understanding of the universe. Each page invites visitors to explore the beauty and complexity of space as they immerse themselves in it Astronomy programming for 2024.

NASA spacecraft.  Photo: Reuters.NASA spacecraft. Photo: Reuters.

Supersonic aircraft.  Photo via Twitter.

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Highlights of NASA's 2024 calendar

are at the heart of this exciting space agenda Two important missions: NISAR and PACE. These works will carry out an in-depth analysis of the various layers that make us up Environmental environmentProviding important data to understand and Address the challenges facing our planet.

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Likewise, work CLPSWith its pioneering approach to lunar exploration using state-of-the-art technologies, and Europa ClipperExpressive intent Mysteries of Jupiter In the search for signs of life, explain commitment NASA To advance the study and understanding of the universe around us.

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This calendar is more than just a tool for marking dates Portal view It invites everyone from space enthusiasts to enthusiasts of all ages to take part in the exciting odyssey of space exploration. Each page is given The excitement and wonder of the unknownIt reminds us that we are in the middle A golden age of cosmic discovery.

International Space Station.  Photo: Twitter @NASA.International Space Station. Photo: Twitter @NASA.

Experimental aircraft, X-59.  Photo: X/@NASA

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Download NASA 2024 Calendar: Step by Step

  • Enter the official NASA website in Spanish.
  • Scroll down until you find the “NASA Science” section and select “Read More.”
  • In the next window, repeat the process and scroll down until you find “Introducing 2024 NASA Science Calendar” and click “Download Options”.
  • Then download options will appear. The first is to print the calendar, guaranteeing the best definition quality, and the second is to download it and keep it on your cell phone or other device.

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