China tests new KJ-600 warning aircraft for aircraft carriers

The latest leaked images show the testing of an airborne warning and control aircraft KJ-600 China’s navy highlights its strategic relevance.

The leaked images reveal the test flights KJ-600

On November 29, images KJ-600, an aerial warning and control aircraft developed by China. This device belongs to the Navy of the People’s Liberation Army (project), is under strict secrecy.

He KJ-600 Designed by Xi’an Aircraft Industrial Corporation to him project. Visually similar to the E-2 Hawkeye US NavyHigh straight wing structure, two turboprop engines and its tail has four vertical stabilizers.

Although little is known about its capabilities, it is speculated to be a type of radar AESA. Its first flight was announced in August 2020, marking the start of its flight tests.

Details and technical specifications KJ-600 Still under reservation

New pictures KJ-600 have surfaced on the social network Weibo, recommending that its tests continue. However, neither the Chinese government nor the Ministry of Defense provided further details.

The development of KJ-600 Reflects progress project in military capabilities. These aircraft will improve the detection and protection of China’s carrier strike groups in the disputed Asia-Pacific theater such as Liaoning, Shandong and the future Fujian.

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