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It is reported that there is a huge traffic jam GorillasAfter the road was closed for at least 20 blocks of Defensors del Morro Avenue (formerly Huailas). Costa Verde The Bajada de Baños pedestrian bridge in Barangay was under repair when a heavy truck crashed into it, cracking the structure.

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Buenos Aires Peru shows hundreds of public transport buses, taxis, motorbikes and aerial images Private cars, 40 minutes to 1 hour, waiting from the very beginning. Progress so far has been slow.

Likewise, Alejandro Iglesias and Carlos Alcorta Avenue, the roads leading to Barranco, are crowded. Vehicles They try to direct people to other districts of Metropolitan Lima such as San Isidro, Miraflores, Jesús María, Barranco, Pueblo Libre and others.

Passengers complained in the morning that the authorities did not provide an alternate route Transportation. Also, bus drivers say they are unable to reach their final stops on time. School movements are severely affected as there is a risk of missing classes for more than two hours with school children.

It is serious in various places Vehicular traffic Agents of the Transit Police, Corrillos, and personnel from the municipality of Serenasco assist in directing the mission. Vehicles.

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The bridge repair will last for four days

According to Stephanie Moeller, bridge maintenance manager at Emape, the Pedestrian bridge Closed for 14 days due to repair work. He explained that the demolition work will last four days and another ten days will be required to fully rehabilitate the bridge.

Whereas, he described The area from Agua Dulce to ArmendárizOn the South-North route, it will be closed for four days.

According to the criterion of

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