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¡UYYYYYY! Christian Dominguez Appeared in ‘Préndete’ presented by her ex-partner Carla Tarazona and NosyAlthough he was laughing, at one point, Curt Villavicencio told America Hoy to ask permission to go on set and have a nice chat.

The head of the ‘Gran Orquesta’ noted that requesting such permission would be complicated, but ‘Metiche’ began to say that perhaps the problem was that Pamela Franco “wouldn’t give him permission”.

“Suddenly Pamela you don’t want to be with Carla, I don’t know”, said. With this in mind, Cumbiampero answered everything: (Rosanna: You’re the one weeding) Rosanna already realizes that, so why don’t I go, but I won’t make you happy. I hope I can go, I hope I can go, because on TV, because we’re going to be on the same set, I can destroy you.

‘Medici’ Reveals His Daughter-in-law’s Christian Neighbor: “I Tested You Well”

At another time, ‘Préndete’ congratulated driver Cristian Dominguez at his new apartment in Zagarilla, where he lives with Pamela Franco and her family; However, it turns out that Kurt’s niece is a neighbor of the singer.

“Your daughter-in-law is my neighbor,” said the interpreter of ‘El Cusano’. “I tested you well”Carla ended Tarazona’s partner.

Is Carla Tarazona jealous of Christian Dominguez?

When an interview with Cristian Dominguez was carried out, the famous “Medici” confirmed that Carla Tarazona was very jealous of Cumbiampero. “Because Karala was very jealous. Do you remember Roxana (Fernandez-Maldonado).. We worked together for one and a half years,” he said.

The report made Karla Tarazona visibly uncomfortable and she insisted she didn’t want to make headlines. “I don’t want to hear or say anything.”He revealed.

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