What is the cosmic ‘dark force’ of great attraction towards the Milky Way? — Sun of Puebla

as ScienceMore corners in space Found, from don’t go Where is our place? Galaxy As grand and recent as possible to find out A means to our end the planetNow the will find out An army they called Great attractor And structure has a lot to do with it milky way.

And it is that we always learn that all Planets of The Solar System getting around King StarEven thought it simply floated stable However, in the center Decades Los Scientists Worked to determine what does Sol Occupy this space because they affirm it milky way travels throughout universe.

Where does the Milky Way go in the universe?

As has been pointed out by many Astronomers From the 1970s, it is exchange Done at speed 600 kilometers per second And like fate They described him as great Troops They have given it a name “The Great Attractor”A hitherto unobservable object ClarityAlthough known as Product billion years Cosmic evolution.

Currently the Research are in charge Astronomer Paul SutterProfessor of Astrophysics Universitat Stony BrooksIn NYAnd yet who rejects it Speed What we move, we achieve fateIt is in a few thousand million years that the Accelerator key Bliss Dark energyA mysterious Troops That penetrates universeDestroy universe.

This is Madness This in turn occurs Galaxies away from each other, billions of years until complete extinction The structure of the universe As we now know, that is about it “The Great Attractor” Depends on the compatibility of our house The Solar SystemThis is important to know Dimensions Each element.

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What is the so-called “great attraction”?

The observation This element universe Made possible by Hubble telescopeIt was then placed in orbit Second half of 20th centuryIt is a type Map With the intention of knowing the part of universe Both are located in it Galaxy as The Solar SystemAfter that since 1970 the Movement Its.

It was with all these studies That there was a discovery Ambiguous direction in addition to general expansion motion Towards the same focal pointHe is a Material concentrationAlthough it is not completely definedIt is assumed that dark matter is inside A supercluster of galaxies Known as Heaven.

Finally, the problem There is more in fact dark matter This is one Big puzzles About composition universeWell, it kind of is Meaning It cannot be observed and its presence can only be intuited Gravity effect That exercises universe; In the case “The Great Attractor” It is about 200 million Light years from Earth Opposite us GalaxyIf it is certain that there is no black holeBut one Gravitational strain.

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