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With goals from Ronal Huaccha, Luis Benítes and Ray Gómez, Sport Huancayo won 3-1 against Carlos A. Mannucci for the Clausura 2023 Betsson 1 League match.

Game Huancayo vs Carlos A. Mannucci This Saturday is measured live and direct for the tenth day of the Clausura tournament League 1 BetsonIn a commitment not suitable for the faint of heart, the situation promises many emotions and goal chances in which both teams conduct the commitment due to the urgency of getting a good result from Huancayo’s IPD.

Game Huancayo vs. Carlos A. Mannucci: Rows

Game Huancayo vs. Carlos A. Mannucci: Minute by minute

Game Huancayo vs. Carlos A. Mannucci: The Previa

‘Red Matador’ begins with some affection for the Carlists, given the issue of height, but as Trujillo has shown the people how to play bystanders, they know not to trust them. And will try to hit the ‘Wanka Fury’ land to climb the ranks.

Game Huancayo vs. Carlos A. Mannucci It is scheduled for this Saturday at 5:45 pm (Peruvian time) and will be broadcast on Liga 1 Max signal, which will be broadcast on DirecTV and Claro TV signal, but remember that you have to pay for cable. A collection that makes them accessible.

Apart from this, Deborah gives you detailed coverage of the match and as usual, it gives you all the preview, minute by minute and post-match details, along with reports from the protagonists. Competition.

Note that the last time Game Huancayo vs. Carlos A. Mannucci They faced each other for the Peruvian first division championship, a match that provided many emotions, tied the match 0-0, a result that neither would seek to repeat at the IPD stadium of ‘La Incontrastable’.

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Wait for a detail, ‘Vanka Fury’ comes with 12 units in the Clausura tournament, three wins, two draws and two losses in the tournament. Trujillo’s team, for its part, has 11 points as a result of three wins, two draws and four losses so far in the championship.

Game Huancayo vs. Carlos A. Mannucci: Where is the game played?

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