Cine Colombia opens a new state-of-the-art cinema: find out where you can find it

Cine Colombia opened a new IMax theater in the Centro Mayor shopping center on Friday, May 31. It is made up of state-of-the-art equipment that fully immerses the audience in the film: It has more than 8 visible sound speakers, a projector that emits clear images and a screen three times larger than the usual one.

This is Cine Columbia’s third IMAX theater. There is one of them EnvigadoIt was the first in the country, and there is another one in Bogotá Our Bogotá Shopping Center.

The decision was made to set up a third IMAX theater at the Centro Mayor shopping center as it is one of the most popular multiplex theaters. The ticket price for this theater is 22,000 pesos.

The IMAX room is the focal point


Among the features of this new room, a curved screen measuring 16 meters wide and 9 meters high stands out, which is three times larger than a regular one. On the other hand, it has a 4K projector with high brightness capability.

With a 12.1 multichannel system and speakers positioned around the room and behind the screen, the sound is immersive. In addition, it has more than 200 chairs. However, due to the size of the screen, it may be difficult for those in the front row to see the projection well.

IMAX Room at Centro Mayor Shopping Centre


According to Henry Puentes, director of exhibitions at CineColumbia, the room is suitable for viewing Hollywood productions because these films are usually recorded in this format.

The movie screened in the theater during the opening ceremony ‘anger’An action-adventure movie starring Anya Taylor and Chris Hemsworth.

On the other hand, Diego Delgado, marketing manager of Cine Colombia, explains the motivation to open a second theater in the capital: “The company’s goal is to always be at the forefront of technology., and will bring you the best entertainment and film fair in the country. You will find few rooms like this. It’s a commitment to continue providing the Colombian people with great cinema,” he commented to EL TIEMPO.

Sala IMAX Cine Colombia


Bridges He assured that another reason for operating this room is to mitigate the growing competition with streaming platforms: “Basically what we are doing here, in Centro Mayor, is opening a room with the most technology in the world is our way to keep our audience. Investment in technology, innovation and all these things that make a difference with other cinema chains. .

Delgado also explained to the media how the company has performed so far this year: “We finished 2023 very well and had a good audience of more than 20 million viewers at Cine Colombia. At the box office we did much better than 2019, which was the best year in history. Due to the writer’s and actors’ strike issue in America, There will be fewer products in 2024But we are coming with full movies by 2025,” concluded the manager.

Linda Donato Rudas – El Tiempo School of Multimedia Journalism

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