Claudio Corvalán was surprised after ruling on Sporting Cristal’s interest

Argentinian defender Claudio Corvalan has been linked with Sporting Cristal for the Clausura tournament and has therefore decided to speak out.

What did Claudio Corvalán say about Sporting Cristal? | Photo: Union / Libero combination

In recent weeks, left rear Nielsen Loyola He disappeared on Sporting Cristal’s wages and many say he will leave the club, which is why Bajo Bandinos have already inquired about the Argentine defender. Claudio CorvalenWho is a part of Santa Fe Union.

Journalist Mathias Burga revealed via social networks that Rojiblanco had a conversation with the teammate to ask him about Crystal’s interest. In this case, the footballer has given a surprising answer in this regard.

Photo: Union

According to Corvalan, he has yet to receive a formal proposal from the Peruvian company. Even so, he clarified that he had been contacted by the scouting section, which let him know that they were looking for a full-back with his qualities.

‘Mukhrey’ has been an indispensable figure in his team since 2018 and is currently the captain. Marker is now 35 years old and has defended the colors of similar teams Quilms, Newell’s, bet Y Sarandy Arsenal In the past.

How much is Claudio Corvalán worth?

Claudio Corvalán is currently valued at €300,000 according to Transfermarkt data. Likewise, the international website notes that the player at his best was quoted at around 1 million.

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