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It has been more than 13 years since the first High Performance College was created and established (COAR) of Peru under the name “COLEGIO MAYOR SECONDARIO PRESIDENTE DEL PERÚ”, today in charge of the Ministry of Education (Mined) serves about 8 thousand students. Considering the start of the 2024 school year, the admissions schedule establishes the fulfillment of a series of phases, currently contemplating the next start of evaluations aimed at suitable applicants. After the call and registration process, find out the results, number of vacancies and how to know if you have entered one of the 25 seats across the country through the official link.

What is COAR and who will participate in the assessment to get a vacancy in 2024?

New opportunities are offered annually to students with high academic potential in their third, fourth and fifth year of secondary school from public schools throughout Peru. Mined 25 by headquarters COAR.

According to information officially shared by the government, training in the Public Education Institution (IEP) promotes young talent.Exercise active, democratic and intercultural citizenship and shape their life plan, emphasizing their commitment to the development of their communities, regions and country.“, based on the Single Admission Process (PUA) as of 2024, candidates are already eligible to take Phase I and II assessments.

The schedule establishes that every young person from all sectors of Peru who successfully registered on the platform until Sunday, February 18, 8, must carry out the elimination key in person and at designated locations throughout the country. Following link: .

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In terms of types of assessment conducted by Minnu in a decentralized manner through the Directorate of Basic Education for high performing and high performing students, the first phase “Application of validated standardized testing in the context of cultural diversity to assess achievement of skills within the framework of the National Basic Education Curriculum“, the second “Assesses the development of qualitative and social-emotional skills”.

– Total vacancies by COAR will be issued by Minedu through DEBEDSAR considering the order of merit obtained in the evaluation stages of PUA by COAR and establishment of entry quota.

– Minedu, through DEBEDSAR, will publish the results of candidates who have attained the vacancies in PUA in order of merit obtained by each COAR, with which they are eligible for registration.

– Date of Publication of Final Results as per PUA 2024:

– If a candidate withdraws or resigns from a vacancy obtained in a COAR, DEBEDSAR shall allot the vacancy to the next candidate with the highest marks, according to the relevant qualification.

– After publication of the final results of PUA, the maximum period for notification of vacancy acceptance is 10 calendar days.

At the end of this period, without any contact, the entry level is lost and the vacancy is allotted to a COAR deputy.

– Number of Vacancies: 2,535 (10 reserved for beneficiaries of Scheme of Education Compensation (PRED))

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Number of vacancies by location of cores and region

  • Amazonas (Louya, Lamut) / Ankash (Recuay) / APURÍMAC (Aymara) / AREQUIPA / Cajamarca / Hoonuco / Huancavelica / June (subaka) / Independence (win) / LambeQ (sicléo) / Provinces of Lima (Huara) / Loreto (Mainas) / Mother of God (Thambopatha) / Mokugua (Marshall Nieto) / Pasco (Oxapampa) / Abundant / San Martin (Myobamba) / TACNA / Graveyards / UCAYALI (Colonel Portillo) = 100
  • Ask (Humanga) = 90
  • CUSCO (Anta) = 95
  • ICA / Beura (Catagos) = 50
  • Lima (Mayor's College) – Chaglakeo = 250

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