Colombia: More than 30 killed in road collapse

In a video recorded by witnesses, vehicles are lined up on the road, waiting for the lane to open, suddenly The mountain falls down Buries with their occupants.

Colombian Vice President, Marquess of FranceIt said this Saturday The death toll is 33 Due to two landslides on a highway near the city on Friday Carmen de Atradoin the field of crumbled (West).

“I am deeply saddened by the tragic loss of 33 lives, mostly girls and boys, as per initial reports from the area. Our solidarity with the department crumbled and the families of the victims,” ​​he said Marquez On your X account (formerly Twitter).

The Vice President He assured that people who collapsed on the road were still trapped Quito-Medellin Search and rescue operations are ongoing by army forces, police, DMK National Risk and Disaster Management Division (UGRD)Local authorities and firefighters and other relief agencies.

A landslide occurred on Friday afternoon and several vehicles were buried Medellin Y KiptoCapital He had an accident.

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In a video recorded by witnesses, vehicles can be seen lined up on the road, waiting for the pass to open, when the mountain suddenly collapses, burying them and their occupants.

According to witnesses cited by local media, there were fifty people sheltering from the rain in one house when the avalanche struck.

Rescue operations

The National Division for Disaster Risk Management (Ungrd) Personnel from the National Army, the Colombian Space Force, the Civil Defense and the Fire Department were among the 35 injured who were transferred to care centers.

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Rescue operations are ongoing and information is still partial because it's a road, but it's closed Medellin cheater KiptoCapital Soko Forest, It is remote and the signal is intermittent.

The army, which has deployed 30 rescuers, is using dogs to “identify possible sites where trapped personnel can be found” and locate victims.

The governor of Soco, Nubia Carolina Córdoba, said there were bodies transferred to Medellin, while others were in the immediate reaction unit of the department's capital, Quito, where they could come and be identified. (AFP)

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