Columbus Day Bonus 2023: When will the special grant be awarded in Venezuela | Domestic Resistance Bonus 2023

Columbus Day Bonus Amount Check here how much they will pay you and if you are one of the beneficiaries of this grant.

In this note you can know all the details about Race Day Bonus 2023. | Libero composition.

Columbus Day Bonus | Many citizens have received Various types of financial assistance in October Still paying. This time the money transfer has been done to commemorate Anti-Tribal Day, but how can it be collected and who will benefit? Find out in this article.

To know whether the government Nicolás Maduro To pay this special subsidy, you need to check the following lines. Remember that you must have your username in the Patria system to access the grant.

Domestic Resistance Bonus 2023: New Payments in October?

It is important to note that the Latest Columbus Day Bonuses It was issued on 13th October last Home system. But last year this special grant was not given.

Until now, the Government of Venezuela The award of this special bonus has not been announced, but a ruling on the matter is expected in the coming days.

Bonus October 12: When will the grant arrive?

In 2021, the Columbus Day Bonus Payments started on 13th October and extended till 20th of that month. Government of plains country has not confirmed the date of payment, therefore, this special subsidy will be given after 15th.

The October 12 bonus was awarded for the first time in 2021. (Photo: Libero)

Columbus Day Bonus, October 2023: How much is it?

The subsidy was 10 bolivars in 2021, but this 2023 subsidy is expected to be 150 bolivars in dollars, which is $4.35 at the current rate. Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).

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