Tremors in the United States today, March 20 – time, center and magnitude according to USGS | United States Geological Survey | composition

Find the time, center, and magnitude of the last tremors recorded today, Wednesday, March 20, in Alaska, California, Texas, and Hawaii in this note, according to the official USGS report.

We are sharing with you the official statement About recent earthquakes recorded in the United States. That is why I continue to share with you detailed information about earthquakes recorded in the national territory and earthquake affected areas confirmed with an interactive map. and warning system . I hope the data I provide you each day will be useful for you to be prepared and alert.

Tremors in the US today, March 20: What was the last earthquake?

Follow along live and find out how to prepare for an earthquake. Below, I present to you the information from the reports:

What should be in a car emergency kit?

A car emergency kit is very useful in case of an earthquake. This item may include canned food, water, blankets, first aid kit, candles, matches, fire extinguishers, flashlights, copies of documents, map, bags, medicine, towels and any other items you deem appropriate.

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