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In a significant move to address the insecurity crisis affecting the country, President Daniel Nobowa issued Executive Order 214 establishing the reform of Decree 988 of December 29, 2011, which created the ECU 911 Integrated Security System.

This government action was officially announced on Friday, March 29, 2024, with the aim of strengthening and improving the system's response to emergencies and crisis situations. The main purpose of the modification of Decree 988 is to provide greater clarity and precision in the functions and responsibilities of ECU 911.

This measure seeks to guarantee efficiency in the provision of safety and emergency care services to all citizens. The reformation focuses on revising the structure of the 911 ECU with the aim of improving its response and coordination ability in critical situations.

Also, in line with these measures, President Nobowa through Executive Order 213 created the Crisis Management Committee to establish new mechanisms to effectively confront and manage emerging security crises in the country.

The initiative reflects the national government's commitment to proactively adapt and respond to current demands and challenges in public safety matters. The reforms may require public institutions such as the National Transport Agency (ANT) or the Ministry of Telecommunications to provide technical support in their operations by the ECU-911 integrated security service's interdisciplinary team.

The service includes receiving calls, video surveillance, monitoring alarms and alerts. It establishes support in coordinating the provision of emergency response resources in matters of health, safety, public order and traffic management. In terms of mobility, health management, risk management and management of municipal services, the necessary support will be provided for its proper and proper functioning.

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The reform of the ECU 911 Integrated Security System under the administration of President Daniel Nobo marks a major milestone in the government's strategy to strengthen the safety and security of citizens. These measures are expected to significantly contribute to the improvement of inter-agency coordination, operational efficiency and the quality of emergency services provided by ECU 911 across the national territory.

The government's renewed focus on strengthening the ECU 911 Integrated Security System shows its commitment to citizen safety and its determination to move towards a modern, efficient system that meets the needs and challenges of the current environment.

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