Congress authorized the entry of US troops to participate in military exercises

He Congress Plenary Vehicles, weapons and entry were approved this Thursday Army soldiers of the Navy America This year from October 15 to November 1 for the national territory.

The Assembly Resolution 6018Presented by the government of Dina Boluarte on September 27, it received 77 votes in favor, 22 votes against, and four abstentions.

According to the initiative, the American troops It will participate in the international military exercise SIFOREX XIII-2023, “Silent Force Exercise”, which will be held from October 20 to 27. Port of Kalaw.

American delegation

The Military delegation will be formed By a Two helicopters, one USS Hampton (SSN-767) submarine unit, two Boeing B-8A Poseidon aircraft and a troop-carrying “Destroyer” class naval ship US Navy.

The Congressman was responsible for supporting the initiative Jorge Montoya (Popular Renewal), who is Secretary Defense CommissionAs the executive explained, the operation “does not affect sovereignty and territorial integrity or involve the establishment of foreign military bases.”

This was the first topic discussed and voted on in this afternoon’s session ahead of the election of a new First Vice President. Board of Directors.

A legislative resolution introduced by the executive branch.

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