Carlos Andersen AFP blames economy minister for pension schemes: “If he had done his job well…”

Congressman Carlos Anderson questioned the MEF’s denial of fresh withdrawals from private pension funds. | TV Congress

Bad relationship between Congressman Carlos Anderson Y Minister of Economy and Finance, Alex Contreras, This is common sense. One finds, for example, the time when a member of parliament accused the chairman of the MEF of “living in a Barbie world” or in the middle of a debate at the Economic Commission, for example, in his already extensive history of fights. Banking, finance and financial intelligence interrupted the official, saying, “Speak clearly, precisely and directly, because he is very good at telling stories, but not at presenting or cooking his products (referring to the time. Contreras, after consulting the high cost of lemons, cevicherias He tried to absolve himself of the responsibility by suggesting to prepare rice with seafood.

The head of the MEF has not shied away from the fray either, as citizens remember how viral his response went after being challenged by Andersen to a technical debate. “Sure, but with data and statistics; Not with memes or cartoons.”, said the official. On October 4, the list was expanded a little more, however, far from mockery or crime, the non-group member of the assembly The minister’s administration was widely questionedWhom did he blame for the current state of affairs in the country and according to him, blamed, You didn’t do your job properly.

Cesar Revilla, head of the Congressional Economic Commission, said the legislature would discuss the withdrawal of the AFP. (Infobae/Andina)

In another visit to Parliament after attending the second extraordinary session of CESIP-OECD (Special Commission to Monitor Peru’s Integration into the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), Contreras was consulted by journalists in this regard. Possible seventh AFP withdrawalHe was totally against it.

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According to the minister, such a move goes directly against the recommendations of the report carried out by the OECD on the pension system in Peru, and doing so poses a great risk to retirees. So, he appeared there the next day Economic Commission The Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) and the Bank Supervision, Insurance and AFP (SBS) to support its position.

Congressman Carlos Anderson criticized Economy and Finance Minister Alex Contreras. (Infobae)

In a special session of the Congressional Committee on Economic Affairs, Anderson expressed himself widely, openly accusing—and personally targeting—Contreras., who was sitting a few chairs away. In his critical remarks, the Congressman did not miss an opportunity See past arguments with the officer. “I know he doesn’t like jokes,” she told the commission.

“You talked about more or less technical approaches. I know he doesn’t like humor or anything like that, but he has no problem calling the legitimate concerns of congressmen populist. I reject that term and ask myself: What is populist about protecting people who have turned 50, who left the labor market ten years ago, who have no chance of returning to the formal labor market, and who cannot contribute to pensions? “What’s populist about saying it’s unfair to wait 20 years to get a pension?” He noted that.

Alex Contreras: “It’s a very populist move.” (Andean)

Not to be outdone, the congressman showed his displeasure with the Economy Minister’s administration by rejecting his past statements on the OECD. For Contreras, OECD report warns of problems with financing and highlights the need to limit withdrawals through various measures such as reducing access to early retirement; For Anderson, The report does not make a value judgment and describes the discontent of the Peruvian people About pension system.

“Let’s be honest. Civilization is enough. Things have value. There is such a thing as inflation. Don’t fool people. He (Contreras) argues based on the OECD report. It is a cognitive bias. Read what the OECD has to say. Is there a value judgment?” He noted that.

Finally, Anderson concluded his speech by blaming Contreras for the country’s dire economic situation. “If you had done your job well, we wouldn’t be in this situation, we wouldn’t have almost 0% growth, our incomes wouldn’t be down, we wouldn’t have this level of unemployment.. Sutsum is enough,” he said.

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Contreras, for his part, limited himself to responding in a technical manner and urged Congressman Anderson’s action.Still seemed very populist”.

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