Congress questions Romulo Mucho, MINEM's leader; Raul Pérez Reyes from MTC was there before

Romulo Mucho and Raul Perez Reyes must respond to an interlocutory document before the Republican Congress. Infobae composition.

He Congress of the Republic A plenary session is scheduled to be held this afternoon where interventions will be made against two of the President's ministers. In Boluarte. The Minister of Transport and Communications will be the first to attend the session which started at 3.30 pm. Raul Perez-Reyes; Later with the Head of Energy and Mining, Romulo Mucho.

This is the result of questions raised against each of them. For Raúl Pérez-Reyes, it's movement no. 10423, which has a total of 10 questions, revolves around workers' strike. Air traffic controllers Inside Garbage In the first days of February.

On the other hand, regarding Romulo Mucho, motion no. 10614 will be touched. A total of 17 questions have been raised against him in multiple investigations and a complaint related to one of the companies he manages and a contract with one of the biggest mining companies that are vying for projects. : Southern Peru.

Minister Raul Perez Reyes has indicated that investments in new airports should be carried out by private companies. Photo: Spread
  • 1. For you to answer: Are you aware of the content and motivation of the regulations issued by the Ministry and directed and implemented by you by Corpac, especially in the Jorge Chavez International Airport due to flight cancellations and delays?
  • 2. In the media, it has been pointed out that there is a shortage of air traffic controllers, which is why decisions are issued that will later affect air traffic users. How many air traffic controllers are currently there monitoring air traffic at the country's airports and, in particular, how many at Jorge Chavez International Airport?
  • 3. For you to answer: How many more air traffic controllers are needed to cover current demand to keep airports adequately and appropriately staffed?
  • 4. For you to answer: When and on what precise date did you discover the deficiency in air traffic controllers and what rules were issued to correct the deficiency?
  • 5. Air traffic controllers' redundancy is known to benefit them as it allows them to pay overtime, which is more than their monthly wages. Is cancellation or rescheduling of flights a problem that seriously affects passengers?
  • 6. For you to answer: How much is the monthly salary of an air traffic controller and how much are benefits for all comments on an annual basis?
  • 7. For you to answer: How much overtime was paid to each air traffic controller in the past three months?
  • 8. For you to answer: As the head of the department, is it your responsibility to oversee the speedy implementation of remedial measures to avoid further harm to passengers and airlines? Do you know what is going on in CORPAC and what are the administrative problems you face?
  • 9. For your reply: With the resignation of the Chairman of CORPAC, the said organization further disintegrated. What measures will your department propose or propose in the short term?
  • 10. We must assume that your company has taken account of what happened. How many ministry officials or workers have been prosecuted or already sanctioned for incidents affecting passengers due to rules issued without further scrutiny?
Romulo Mucho, Peru's Minister of Mines and Energy, in an archive photo. EFE/Julio Cesar Rivas
  • 1. Explain in detail: What percentage of shares do you own or have held in PEVOEX CONTRATISTAS SAC, and what positions or functions have you held in that company up to the date of your appointment as Minister? In the Office of Energy and Mines.
  • 2. According to your affidavit of interests, you were the general manager of PEVOEX CONTRATISTAS SAC from October 5, 2001 to February 13, 2024. Answer: By which public instrument can Contractors SAC prove that you have ceased all kind of relationship with PEVOEX?
  • 3. For the principles of transparency and relevance, case no. Respond to criminal process related to 2106065000-2015-816-0. For the crime of attacking archaeological monuments: it is related to activities related to the company PEVOEX or other companies to whom you have provided services; Or by any public function?
  • 4. In the interest of principles of transparency and relevance, case no. 2306014504-2021-134-1 (1st Prosecutor's Office) and case no. Respond to criminal proceedings related to 2306014504-2021-134-2 (4th Prosecution or 4th Prosecution). Office) ) of the financial district of La Libertad, in which you are charged with the crimes of unlawful omission of an act under your charge, disobedience and resistance to an official order: are they related to related activities? PEVOEX Company or other companies to whom you have provided services; Or by any public function?
  • 5. For the principles of transparency and relevance, the Provincial Criminal Prosecutor's Office of the Financial District of Mokugua, Case No. Respond to criminal activity related to 3706010603-2007-311-0. Violent crimes and resisting authority at gunpoint, extortion, trespassing and trespassing: whether it relates to activities related to PEVOEX Company or other companies to whom you have provided services; Or by any public function?
  • 6. In the interest of transparency and appropriateness policies, Pasco Financial District Case No. Respond to criminal proceedings related to 3805016002-2023-97-0 (2nd Prosecutor's Office). Manslaughter due to failure to comply with business, professional or professional rules: whether it is related to activities related to PEVOEX company or other companies to whom you have provided services; Or by any public function?
  • 7. Answer in detail who are the current shareholders of PEVOEX CONTRATISTAS SAC, indicating their respective percentages of shares and whether the shareholders are related to you by blood or relationship.
  • 8. DOES THE COMPANY PEVOEX CONTRATISTAS SAC HAVE CONTRACTUAL RELATIONS WITH SOUTHERN PERU COPPER CORPORATION? If so: Please describe in detail the type of services provided, as well as the start and end dates of said contracts and whether any of these are in force to date.
  • 9. While you were general manager and/or partner of PEVOEX CONTRATISTAS SAC, did this company have service contracts or other types of legal, economic or financial relationships with mining or oil companies operating in the country? If so, please describe which companies these are and the start and end dates of their respective contracts.
  • 10. Do you know literal b) of Section 5.1? Act no. Article 5 of 31564, the Law on Prevention and Mitigation of Conflict of Interest in Access and Exit of Public Service Employees, prohibits you from interfering as an official with decision-making capacity in any matter involving the company or institution. Private company with whom you had contractual or employment relationship prior to your appointment as Ministry of Energy and Mines?
  • 11. Why are you unofficially promoting South Peru Copper Corporation's Dia Maria Project, without any party soliciting; PEVOEX CONTRACTORS SAC has – and/or holds – contractual relationships with Southern Peru Copper Corporation If you have a conflict of interest?
  • 12. Your superior, Mr. If Luis Alberto Odarola Penaranda announced on September 26, 2023 that the “Dia Maria” project is not part of the government policy agenda; Also, considering that on March 14, 2021, while a candidate for the post of Vice President, Mrs. Tina Poluarte Zegarra signed the public document “Commitment to the Tambo Valley”, “Immediate Withdrawal of the Company in the Province of Islay Southern Peru Mining Company” and “ Thea Maria mining project was categorically cancelled.” So explain why you decided to encourage the re-implementation of this impossible project? Is the re-implementation of the Thea Maria project a part of government policy? Have you received an order from the top in this regard?
  • 13. Do you want to boycott the citizen expressed in the popular consultation held on September 17, 2009? Environment in Tambo Valley? Has the Southern Peru Agency or the Ministry of Energy and Mines used a citizen participation tool?
  • 14. Report no. 485-2023-MINEM-DGM/DTM indicates that the company does not have exploration and/or exploitation authorizations for the Southern Peru Copper Corporation Tía María project and that the company is not in process. Exploration and/or exploitation authorizations for the Tía María project: Why are you promoting an owner's mining project that does not have a permit in operation? Or, perhaps, any interest in contracting services in the Tía María project from PEVOEX CONTRATISTAS SAC?
  • 15. If your wish to reactivate the Dia Maria mining project comes to fruition, do you, as Minister of the Department: plan to declare a state of emergency or police repression of rejected citizen mobilizations? To this end?
  • 16. Have you considered adjusting your position as Minister of Energy and Mines on re-implementation of the Dia Maria project to avoid triggering fresh conflicts by the government in Tambo Valley?
  • 17. The company PEVOEX CONTRATISTAS SAC maintains contractual relations with the Buenaventura Mining Company, one of the owners of the Conga mining project in Cajamarca, since 2018. As a result: Do you also plan to encourage the re-implementation of the Konga project, even if it is socially and environmentally unfeasible?
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