Could Edison Flores play in the Copa Sudamericana with Universitario if he qualifies for the round of 16?

Attention cream swelling! Find out if national midfielder Edison Flores will be able to play with Universitario in the coming days if his signing is possible.

Copa Sudamericana | On the date of the 5th, the University of Santa Fe will face the composition: Libero

Many fans Sports University They await a possible announcement from National Flyer Edison Flores. And last Sunday night, ‘Orejitas’ arrived in the country to join the work Team Peru Shortly after playing in the next international friendlies against South Korea and Japan.

Meanwhile, the Uruguayan coach-led team currently, George Fossati The Cremes are forced to win their next two matches of Copa Sudamericana 2023 and will be hoping their closest rivals Goyas don’t do so so they can reach their goal of reaching the next event.

If this goes through, the team will have a few weeks to come up with a new list of footballers to play in the round of 16. South American Cup 2023.

For his part, Libero According to the rules of the tournament, for a universitario, he was able to learn that he could count on the national soccer player if he could seal his pass to the round of 16 of the tournament, but until previously announced.

When does the 2023 Copa Sudamericana round of 16 start?

As per official regulations South American CONMEBOL 2023The Round of 16 starts from August 1 to 3 for the first leg, while the second leg is scheduled to take place from August 8 to 10.

Universitario’s next match in the Copa Sudamericana:

University Will have to travel to Columbia to face Santa Fe Thursday, June 8 The date of the Copa Sudamericana is 5. The stadium that will host this match is the Nemisio Camacho Stadium known as ‘El Campin’.

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