CSIC celebrates ‘Cold Christmas’ with musical events and children’s science campus

The Supreme Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) reopens to the general public to celebrate the Christmas holidays. The Third edition of CSIC X+, ‘Christmas in the Waves’involves two quite different propositions Free Combines science, music and entertainment Centenary of radio in Spain.

The first one ‘X+Music’A series of meetings led by a radio voice Nine artists of different ages and styles They will take us on a journey through the sounds and traditions of Christmas. Another one ‘X+ Labs’A place in this Children are general You can experience the Christmas energy by experimenting Sound and electromagnetic waves When their relatives visit CSIC campus.

How does Christmas sound?

‘X+Music’ will be celebrated Three first Sundays in DecemberAt 12:00 p.m., in the Christmas Rooms, specially decorated for the occasion, three iconic locations of the CSIC in Madrid.

He December 3He Royal Botanic Gardens (RJB-CSIC) will hold a meeting Gala Vento, Annie B. Sweet Y Fernando Alfaro They let us know what their Christmas looks like. Else, the child of Depatro Y Kiki Morende They put music and lyrics to parties December 10 at the National Museum of Natural Sciences (MNCN-CSIC). And this December 17, Tulsa, Maria Rhodes Y Trachea will meet at Geological Museum from IGME-CSIC to tell, sing and play their Christmas.

It is necessary to request invitations through the website to attend the meetings csicxmas.com Beginning Wednesday, November 22nd at 9:00am.

How does Christmas energy spread?

For their part,X+ Labs will change CSIC Central Campus in MadridLocated in the middle Scientific QuarterlyA place for the enjoyment of the younger public during the school holidays. From December 26 to 30, girls and boys aged 6 to 12 years Opportunity to participate in recreation and entertainment Two hour sessions Conducted by Astrophysicist and Musician Team Daniel Quirado. Scientist of the Astrophysical Institute of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC). It again acts as the coordinator of this initiative, as it was called in its previous two editions More than 7,000 participants.

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With recycled materials, Participants will build seismographs, telescopes, Wi-Fi signal amplifiers, musical instruments and even a radio. To understand how Christmas energy spreads and radiates. Proposed activities include broadcasting a Christmas message in space, listening to the snoring of the Three Wise Men or creating a Christmas theme song.

Also, the Adults Those who take boys and girls to ‘X+Labs’ are likely to sign up 90 minute guided tours To see the CSIC campus in person. Some of the interesting places the tour passes by Student residence; He Rockefeller Building, which currently houses the Blas Cabrera Institute of Physical Chemistry (IQF-CSIC); or the Poplar Hill Observatory From the Miguel Antonio Catalan Physics Center (CFMAC-CSIC).

“Science activities are also entertaining and fun,” he explains. Bura Fernandez, Vice President of Science Culture and Citizen Science at CSIC. “That’s why CSIC X+’s Christmas proposals combine science with form that excites us. The goal is to observe, experiment and debate, but also to celebrate,” he adds.

Pre-registration for ‘X+Labs’ will be held online on December 5 at 9:00 am. csicxmas.com

‘Christmas on the Wave’ artists

Annie B Sweet. He reinvented pop with his own signature style as a singer-songwriter and had a meteoric solo career. Its culmination was its fourth album A brand new universe (2019), which includes his hit “Buyan Trip”. The lady from Málaga has signed one of the best albums of 2022 in collaboration with Los Estángues. A cozy bubble and an unexpected elephant.

Trachea. Santiago Gonzalo, from Jerez, started out in hardcore-punk (Gypsy Aliens, Yegua) as producer, programmer and DJ, but became popular in club culture with drum’bass, trap and remix productions. He has been the producer of most of the album Broken hat By Kiko Veneno, and his greatest achievement The third heaven (2022), an album composed with singer Rocio Marquez.

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Gala Vento. It is a duo composed of Alix Duron (guitar and vocals) and Joan Delgado (drums and vocals), originally from Amburton in Girona. Their songs have a punk pop urgency that connects with the public due to their immediacy and intimacy. They have four discs, the last one Beautiful house (2023) Together they formed the Mongri label with Nor Chesapeake.

From Pedro. Jairo Zavala managed to infuse himself with frontier sounds, so he collaborated with the American band Calexico, with whom he toured as a sideman. It was Ambaranoya who introduced him to Joey Burns and Calexico’s John Convertino. It started at La Vacazul and then extended the rock range. It consists of eight albums, and features a ‘songwriter’s’ live performance and repertoire.

Fernando Alfaro. The man from Albacete is one of the country’s greatest composers. Alfaro remains musically unflappable, whether with his early bands Surfin’ Bichos, Chucho or solo. He has a special ability to create angry and radiant songs, and his lyrics contain life stories with their own wonderful symbols. This year he brought back Surfin’ Bichos with his fifth album. Beyond (2023)

Kiki Morende. The youngest son of Enrique Morende and Aurora Carbonell has inherited his father’s gift and talent. He already toured with her as a teenager and teenager, sang as a backup singer and gave good examples of his progress. He started playing guitar at the age of 10, but now he is asserting himself Song (2021), his second and final album.

Maria Rhodes The Barcelona native has a unique style that delves into the singer-songwriter’s heritage, creating personal songs that speak of witches, romances or his grandfather, who was the director of the Observadora Astronomico del Ebro. It captures the value of local folklore such as Gopla. His latest milestone and album We were both (2022)

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A child from Else. Francisco Contreras from Elche participated in the Cante de las Minas festival at the age of 15. He sang Miguel Hernandez and then destroyed the legacy Voices from the Extreme (2014), A collection of heterodoxy flamenco songs (2018) Or flamenco. A tomb of celebration, love and death (2022) An aesthetic innovator and experimenter.

Tulsa. Basque Mirren Isa has her own voice that emerges from indie rock, but has given way to a tastier, more ‘crooner’ hybrid. He closes the Nick Cave and aligns himself with Nacho Vegas or Christina Rosenwing. He has participated in the film and music composition Exiles of loveBy Jonas Truba.

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