This is the luck he achieved with songs against Gerard Pique

According to Forbes magazine, Shakira’s net worth exceeds $400 million, which has several houses. For example, the two houses he shared Gerard PQ In Barcelona. In addition, a house in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, cost him 1.1 million dollars, or his spectacular mansion in Miami, Florida, for which he paid about 12 million.

The Colombian singer has released more than 10 studio albums, the most popular being: ‘Where are the thieves?’ (1998), ‘Bare Feet’ (1995) and ‘El Dorado’ (2017).

However, in recent months, Shakira’s fame and fortune have grown due to her latest She released songs against her ex-husband, Gerard Piqué, following their breakup. A trilogy of singles in which he left many references to Pique left the artist with a lot of money.

  • ‘Congratulations’
  • ‘boring’
  • ‘Music Sessions 53’

Shakira opens up about what motherhood is like without Gerard Piqué, the father of her two children


According to ‘Forbes’ magazine, the song with Bizarrap has earned just 350 thousand dollars on YouTube and 2 million 615 billion on Spotify, and is increasing as the money increases with each reproduction. Released in April 2022, his song ‘De Felicito’ with Rao Alejandro has collected around 13 million, and ‘Monotonia’ with Ozuna has collected almost 5 million.

So, the Colombian artist earned heartbreak and hate for these three songs They have raised over $20 millionAccording to a popular magazine.

Shakira and PQ have a new way of communicating

Thanks to some Spanish journalists like Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez, it became known The relationship between Gerard Pique and Shakira is very complicated And they met only to negotiate an agreement for the custody of their two children.

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After the legal contract, The former couple have only communicated through their lawyers To balance entrances, exits, pick-ups and arrivals of little ones.

Now, as the ex-footballer’s entourage told ‘Informalia’, Shakira and Gerard Pique have taken a step towards coexistence and communication and have stopped communicating through their lawyers.

According to the aforementioned media, Ex-spouses talk to agree on issues related to their children. They also contact their family members when they cannot talk to each other.

Despite the attacks against her ex at the Latin Grammys, Shakira said she was ready to put the past behind her: “From now on, I’m thinking about what’s to come in terms of the songs I’m going to write, the tours. I am.” To do and with whom I am going to share, because as a friend says, Nothing in the past. Only the future comes to mind” said the artist

Shakira only wants the best for her children


Shakira assures her children are happy in Miami

He returned to Spain, where he was part of the Latin Grammys 2023. Shakira ‘HOLA!’ gave an interview to the magazine in which she talked about her new life after breaking up with Gerard Pique, who allegedly cheated on her with his current girlfriend, Clara Xia.

The Colombian artist threw a huge blow at her ex-husband, “I have never seen my children so happy. It’s not like Barcelona, ​​where we had paparazzi at the door every day, going about their extracurricular activities with no one to chase them. “They live free and normal lives like two normal kids, not the kids of celebrities.”

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“It’s great to be able to reach this stage in my artistic career and to share it with Milan and Sasha, who know how to appreciate music very much, and in addition, they have a great artistic sensibility,” she added about her motherhood. and his profession.

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