Dantes Cardoza admits why he left Group 5 and sends a note to Christian Yapen: “I’m not used to being in the shadows” Video Entertainment | programs

Dantes Cardoza recalls his time in Group 5, now directing Christian YabenIn his interview Carlos Orozco. Although he was grateful to be in the group, he noted that he decided to join another cumbia band because he was not comfortable being a supporting actor.

TROME – Dantes Cardosa ‘squares’ Christian Yaipén leaves his group 5: “One person is not going to sing, a group is many voices”

“I’ve been through a lot of different groups, and we’ve all sung. “I’m not used to being in the shadows.”, The former singer of La Sarana Habanera revealed Cuban.

Christian Yaben Dantes Cardoza ‘squared’ for exit from Group 5

Dantes Cardoza emphasized the importance of all members of the group having important roles and actively participating in the interpretation and promotion of the music.

“If we’re a group, we’re all going to sing, we’re all going to sell ourselves. A person is not going to sing, you are going to do choirs. “Everybody manages their band in their own way.”

Dantes explained that he left Groupe 5 on good terms to join Los 5 de Oro, where he received a more favorable offer, and although he envisions his future in the cumbia orchestra, he understands that changes are being considered: “I saw my future in Grupo 5 and continued to record with them. But they were already reading that Christian was going to come in and be the lead voice.

Dantes Cardoza didn’t mind that Group 5 didn’t appear in the videos

Cardosa said he did not regret the deletion of his videos such as ‘Alimana’ and Ritmo de Mi Corazon’ with Grupo 5, but highlighted that many singers have contributed to the group’s growth over time.

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“I don’t feel the pain, but many singers who helped the group’s growth have passed away. This is the first time I see it. Saranga has my voice and my videos.”, The Cuban translator revealed.

“I want people to know what I did there. Everyone has their own style of work, but I want to be Group 5 from the time I was there. Every singer had a song and they marketed to everyone. Now I see that most of the songs have Christian, but one group has multiple voices., The Cuban translator revealed.

Christian Yapen (Latin Spread Photography)

Dantes Cardoza reveals reason for leaving La Saranga Habanera for Group 5

In his interview with Orozco, Cardosa shared his experience unlike any other with Group 5, one of the most lucrative deals of his career. Havana SarangaThere, despite his popularity and being a lead singer, he didn’t make much money.

At the time, he said, singers earned about $100 per concert Havana SarangaThe band charges thousands of dollars per performance

“Yes, I think (it’s one of the best deals with Grupo 5) because in Saranga (Habanera), it’s not like I made a lot of money. We singers can say that we earned at that time and I was one of the highest earners because I was the lead voice. “It was 100 dollars a concert and Saranga Habanera sold 20,000, 25,000 dollars in Peru.”

Although he was the main face of the salsa band, Cuban insisted that his salary was not commensurate with his contribution. So, upon receiving an offer from Group 5, he decided to join the band as it would give him more income and a better standard of living for his family.

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“So, one face and it (payment) doesn’t add up. I’ve always come from a very simple family and have done many jobs since childhood. So I liked their proposal (from Group 5) and said, ‘Here, I can give my family more priority, so they There is not so much work, I will earn more.’

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