Dayanita’s harsh decision after George Benowitz’s statements

After JP broke her silence and announced about the controversy surrounding Dayanita, the former member of the show took to her social media to take a tough decision.

Dayanita limited his views after the statements in the statements of Reventonazo de la Chola and JB | Photo: Instagram Dayanita Show

After the confessions George Benavides made on his show ‘JP and ATV’ With the ‘Velor de la Vertura’ painting last Saturday, May 13, Dayanita was not far behind and considering the controversy, she must have taken a tough decision. Social websites. what did Here we go!

And it’s users Social websites They realized that Dayanita He would have limited his viewsAll this after his statements and JP’s revelations on the Chola Sapuga project.

Dayanita limited her comments on her Instagram

As you may recall, Dayanita revealed that constant problems and disagreements forced the artiste to quit the show permanently.

During Reventonazo de la Sola, the actress revealed that she did not sign the contract 3 years ago and that she was not comfortable in the comic space. “They told me everything, they insulted me, yes, sometimes I don’t read the comments because it shocks me so much, it’s new to me”Commented Comedy actress With tears on the set of America.

Will Dayanita be a part of Reventonazo de la Zola?

Ernesto Pimentel He did not turn down the opportunity to work with Dayanita. He even said that he would get it. “With Open Arms”. However, he took advantage of the cameras ‘Square’. “The truth is, she doesn’t see what they’re saying in their internal chat, but she’ll see it when we include her. We’re a group that loves each other, and if there’s no trust, we can’t do comedy if there’s no closeness.”said the driver.

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