De la Rosa reveals Alonso’s amazing ability to ‘do without’ the technology that “the rest of the pilots use to get close to him”.

Fernando Alonso during the British GP (REUTERS).

Last Sunday, November 26, the traffic light went out, the engines stopped roaring and Formula 1 closed and sent a new historic season into its memory book. Red Bull and Max Verstappen broke all previous and upcoming records. The Austrian team has won 21 of 22 races and the Dutch driver has heard the strains of his country’s anthem 19 times. Translated He has 575 points in the Drivers’ Championship and 860 points in the Constructors’ Championship. After adding 285 by his teammate Sego Perez. All-time record in F1. The other protagonist of the season was Fernando Alonso, although the driver of the team’s clearances and records.

He took a risk when he decided to leave the fourth team Alpine to join the seventh Aston Martin. The change was called dangerous and even irregular, but time has proven Asturian right. Once again he feels in competition with the car that allowed him Take a champagne bath up to eight times And attest to the best season in team history in general and its best performance since 2012 in particular. However, the AMR23’s performance has declined from high throughout a season marked by its exhibitions and occasional headaches with ground, ailerons and, in particular, DRS.

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The Asturian’s second stint in Formula 1 was marked by poor results at McLaren. However, his fortunes have changed since his arrival at Aston Martin.

Some great results Pedro de la Rosa Analyzed in ‘GP Racing’ magazine. Aston Martin ambassador mentioned this Alonso’s resilience To overcome difficult times of the year. “LThe thing is, if I knew why Fernando Alonso was so good, I’d be in the car. So what stands out about him, compared to any other driver I’ve worked with, is the level of passion he has for motorsport. He loves what he does. He wants to drive every day, any race, any kind of race car, and he’s done it his whole life and he loves it. That is the biggest difference. And That is the main reason why he is at his peak, at the age of 42.“, explain.

Formula One F1 – United States Grand Prix – Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas, US – October 20, 2023 Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso reacts during the qualifying lap via Reuters/Shawn Thew

Fernando’s ability to get out of the AMR23, even in races where it seemed slow, was one of the best qualities in the paddock. This is similar to the pilot-single seater connection. The car can feel and listen to know how and where to push. “I don’t need telemetry to improve. The rest of the pilots use this to get close to him. Fernando warns over the radio the number of points he wants to get every weekend. He is a very reliable pilot. In a fight, he never gets hot, and he knows how to accept that he has lost a battle, which he usually loses very little,” says de la Rosa.

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It is worth noting that telemetry is a technology that helps to know the measurements taken by the vehicle at every lap through more than 2,000 sensors placed throughout the car. Although Pedro de la Rosa established himself, “Our best censor is Fernando.”

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For multiple members Paddy Fernando was beaten only by Max Verstappen for the Driver of the Year award. However, F1 itself doesn’t think so. According to you Power ranking In the general of the season, in which five unknown experts rate the drivers with a numerical grade based on their performance, the Asturian’s position did not match the impression he left on the asphalt. Alonso graduated with a 7.5 grade point average Average grade out of ten. Behind Hamilton (7.8) and Lando Norris (7.6), both have fewer podiums than the Aston Martin.

  1. Max Verstappen 9,1
  2. Lewis Hamilton 7,8
  3. Lando Norris 7.6
  4. Fernando Alonso 7.5
  5. Alexander Alban 7.5
  6. Charles Leclerc 7,4
  7. George Russell 7,3
  8. Carlos Sainz 7.2
  9. Oscar Piastre 7.1
  10. Pierre Casely 6.8

The Spaniard’s tally of 206 points and eight metals equals that of Williams driver Alexander Alban. Finished the season 13th in the World Cup With 27 points, but with the same average score as Alonso. Carlos Sainz finished the year with 7.2 and is eighth in the specific F1 rankings, leaving Czech Perez, world number two, out of the top 10.

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