Demogro 2023: IT David takes IT-control technology to the road

ID David It offers its new IT-Control technology, an innovative system that connects the user to their equipment and allows them to collect and analyze data in real time. It is completely scalable, allowing you to adapt the functions of the tools to your needs and control an entire fleet of machines from a single command.

This system improves the efficiency of machines, reduces costs, improves the efficiency and safety of operators and equipment. Its coverage reaches 80% of countries, which means telemetry reaches any part of the world. Geolocation and data collection are the two main functions of this technology, users can locate their devices from anywhere in the world and get accurate information about its operation to make informed decisions.

At IT David, his commitment is to provide the most advanced technology to improve productivity and improve the profitability of your business. This system allows us to reduce costs and save time, improve productivity, improve cultivation techniques, extend the useful life of equipment and reduce waste by varying degrees.

IT David will attend road demonstrations where participants can learn about this new system of tillage equipment, inter-row weeding and tillage. They will be on the IT-nomic, IT-Roll, Davicultor, Gravid, i-Green machines, the new Rev-2 Leaf Remover and PV-View Topper, and the i-Dust crop protection, with a new variable dose system.

In short, IT David is a company committed to technology, innovation and sustainability in agriculture, and its new 4.0 technology is an essential tool for any farmer who wants to improve their productivity and improve the profitability of their business.

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